SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1William and the Wonderful Present05/26/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK12
1William and the Leopard Hunter06/02/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK9
1William Finds a Job06/09/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK
1William the Counterspy06/16/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK
1William and the Parrots06/23/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK
1William and the American Tie06/30/1962 5:25 pmBBCUK15
2William the Peacemaker03/30/1963 5:25 pmBBCUK17
2William and the Little Girl04/06/1963 5:25 pmBBCUK
2William and the Three Bears04/13/1963 5:25 pmBBCUK2
2William and the Sleeping Major04/20/1963BBCUK
2William and the Real Laurence04/27/1963 5:25 pmBBCUK
2William goes Shopping05/04/1963 5:25 pmBBCUK11