Count of Monte Cristo

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Plotters10/04/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK8
1The Chateau D'If10/11/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK20
1The Abbe Faria10/18/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK13
1A Perilous Journey10/25/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK12
1The Isle of Monte Cristo11/01/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1A Garden in Auteuil11/08/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK20
1Unlimited Credit11/15/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1Evidence of a Crime11/22/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1News From Janina11/29/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1A Challenge12/06/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1Dishonour12/13/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK
1An End to Revenge12/20/1964 5:30 pmBBC1UK21