Star Wars Rebels

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Spark of Rebellion09/26/201413
1Droids in Distress10/03/2014
1Fighter Flight10/13/2014
1Rise of the Old Masters10/20/2014
1Breaking Ranks11/03/2014
1Empire Day11/10/2014
1Gathering Forces11/17/2014
1Path of the Jedi12/29/2014
1Idiot's Array01/12/2015
1Vision of Hope01/26/2015
1Rebel Resolve02/16/2015
1Fire Across the Galaxy03/02/2015
2The Siege of Lothal06/20/201514
2The Lost Commanders10/14/2015
2Relics of the Old Republic10/21/2015
2Always Two There Are10/28/2015
2Brothers of the Broken Horn11/04/2015
2Wings of the Master11/11/2015
2Blood Sisters11/18/2015
2Stealth Strike11/25/2015
2The Future of the Force12/04/2015
2The Secret of Prisoner X1012/12/2015