SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Trapped in the Sky09/30/196597
1Pit of Peril10/07/1965 7:00 pmMidlandsUK76
1The Perils of Penelope10/14/1965 7:00 pmMidlandsUK8
1Terror in New York City10/21/1965 7:00 pmMidlandsUK7
The Edge of Impact10/28/1965
1Day of Disaster11/04/19658
130 Minutes After Noon11/11/19658
1Desperate Intruder11/18/19656
1End of the Road11/25/19657
1The Uninvited12/02/19657
1Sun Probe12/09/19658
1Operation Crash-Dive12/16/19657
1Vault of Death12/23/19658
1The Mighty Atom12/30/19659
1City of Fire01/06/19668
1The Imposters01/13/19668
The Man from M.I.501/20/1966 7:00 pmMidlandsUK
1Cry Wolf01/27/19668
1Danger at Ocean Deep02/03/19669
1Move and You're Dead02/10/19668
1The Duchess Assignment02/17/19668
1Brink of Disaster02/24/19668
1Attack of the Alligators03/10/1966 7:00 pmMidlandsUK99
1Martian Invasion03/17/1966 7:00 pmMidlandsUK8
The Cham Cham03/24/1966
1Security Hazard03/31/1966 7:00 pmMidlandsUK9
2Atlantic Inferno10/02/1966 5:05 pmITVUK9
2Path of Destruction10/09/19669
2Alias Mr. Hackenbacker10/16/19669
2Lord Parker's 'Oliday10/23/19668
2Ricochet11/06/1966 5:05 pmITVUK9
2Give or Take a Million12/25/19668