She-Ra: Princess of Power

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Duel at Devlan09/02/1985
1Into Etheria09/09/1985
1Beast Island09/10/1985
1She-Ra Unchained09/11/1985
1Battle for Bright Moon09/13/1985
1The Sea Hawk09/16/1985
1The Red Knight09/17/1985
1The Missing Ax09/18/1985
1The Prisoners of Beast Island09/19/1985
1The Peril of Whispering Woods09/20/1985
1The Laughing Dragon09/23/1985
King Miro's Journey09/24/198591
1He Ain't Heavy09/26/1985
1Return of the Sea Hawk09/27/1985
1A Loss for Words09/30/1985
1Horde Prime Takes a Holiday10/01/1985
1Enchanted Castle10/02/1985
1Three Courageous Hearts10/03/1985
1The Stone in the Sword10/04/1985
1The Crystal Castle10/07/1985
1The Crown of Knowledge10/08/1985
1The Mines of Mondor10/09/1985
1Small Problems10/10/1985
1Book Burning10/11/1985
1The Eldritch Mist10/14/1985
1Bow's Farewell10/15/1985
1The Price of Freedom10/16/1985
1Play It Again, Bow10/17/1985
1The Reluctant Wizard10/18/1985
1Friends Are Where You Find Them10/21/1985
1A Talent for Trouble10/22/1985
1Troll's Dream10/23/1985
1Gateway to Trouble10/24/1985
1The Unicorn King10/25/1985
1The Anxious Apprentice10/28/1985
1Zoo Story10/29/1985
1Into the Dark Dimension10/30/1985
1Treasures of the First Ones10/31/1985
1Glimmer's Story11/01/1985
1Enemy with My Face11/04/1985
1Welcome Back, Kowl11/05/1985
1The Rock People11/06/1985
1Micah of Bright Moon11/08/1985
1The Price of Power11/11/1985
1Birds of a Feather11/12/1985
1For Want of a Horse11/13/1985
1Just Like Me11/14/1985
1My Friend, My Enemy11/15/1985
1The Wizard11/18/1985
1Unexpected Ally11/19/1985
1The Light of the Crystal11/20/1985
1Loo-Kee Lends a Hand11/21/1985
1Of Shadows and Skulls11/22/1985
1Jungle Fever11/25/1985
1Black Snow11/26/1985
1Anchors Aloft: Part 111/27/1985
1Anchors Aloft: Part 211/28/1985
1Darksmoke and Fire11/29/1985
1Flowers for Hordak12/03/1985
1Wild Child12/04/1985
1The Greatest Magic12/05/1985
2One to Count On09/13/1986
2Return of the General09/20/1986
2Out of the Cocoon09/27/1986
2A Lesson in Love10/04/1986
2Something Old, Something New10/11/1986
2The Pearl10/18/1986
2Above It All10/25/1986
2Day of the Flowers11/01/1986
2The Caregiver11/08/1986
2Romeo and Glimmer11/15/1986
2The Perils of Peekablue11/22/1986
2Sweet Bee's Home11/29/1986
2Portrait of Doom12/06/1986
2Assault on the Hive12/13/1986
3Loo-Kee's Sweety09/12/1987
3The Time Transformer09/19/1987
3When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed09/26/1987
3Just the Way You Are10/03/1987
3The Locket10/10/1987
3She-Ra Makes a Promise10/17/1987
3Bow's Magical Gift10/24/1987
3Glimmer Come Home10/31/1987
3The Inspector11/07/1987
3Hordak's Power Play11/14/1987
3Shades of Orko11/21/1987
3The Bibbet Story11/28/1987
3Swifty's Baby12/05/1987