Mona McCluskey

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Pilot09/16/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA6
1All the Dough and No Place to Go09/23/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1All in a Night's Work09/30/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA6
1In Every Life a Little Wife Must Fall10/07/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Mona Carroll vs. Mona McCluskey10/14/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1How to Put Out an Old Flame10/21/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Let's Play Cupid10/28/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Good for the Goose, Bad for the Gander11/04/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Michelangelo's Rival11/11/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1How to Cure an Old Ham11/25/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1My Husband, the Wife Beater12/02/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Mail Against Female12/09/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Stranger in the Love Nest12/23/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Dance, Kookerina, Dance!12/30/1965 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Love, Chimp Style01/06/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Mona, the Soft Air Force Recruit01/13/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA11
1Down from the Wild Blue Yonder01/20/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1The General Swings at Dawn01/27/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Lovebirds and Jailbirds02/10/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Friend02/17/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Mona, the Mystic02/24/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Operation: Chicken Soup03/10/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1How to Turn Off a Laser Beam03/17/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Snow Valley Snow Job03/24/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Will He or Won't He?04/07/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA
1Mike's Birthday Present04/14/1966 9:30 pmNBCUSA