SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Kelly and the Professor02/28/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
1Love Me Tender03/01/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Kelly, Meet Christine03/08/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1I'm in Love with a Boy Named Stuart03/15/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1The Loss Weekend03/22/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Gambling for Meat04/05/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
119 Candles04/12/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Parents' Weekend04/19/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead04/26/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Define Romance05/03/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Whose Team Is It, Anyway?05/17/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Hoot, Hoot Hike05/31/1989 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Dauber's Blow-Out06/07/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad11/21/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Dauber's Got a Girl11/28/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Bring Me the Head of Stuart Rosebrock12/05/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2If a Coach Falls in the Woods12/12/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2If Keith Jackson Calls, I'll Be at My Therapist's12/19/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2I'm in the Mood for Luther12/26/1989 9:30 pmABCUSA
2A Man and a Woman (and Two Theater Majors)01/02/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2The Investment01/09/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2I've Got a Secret01/16/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2The Curley O'Brien Award01/23/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2The Rosebrocks of Wisconsin01/30/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Coaches Conference02/13/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Carnival Knowledge02/20/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Haven't I Slept with You Somewhere Before?02/27/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Homewreckers03/06/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Professor Doolittle03/13/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Sunshine on My Shoulder Makes Me Happy: A Show About Bird Ransom03/20/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Kelly Girl04/03/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2A Jerk at the Opera04/17/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
2Poodle Springs05/15/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3That Shouldn't Happen09/25/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Magnificent Abscession10/02/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3The Day That Moses Came to Town10/09/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Is This Your First Time on the Riverboat, Miss Watkins?10/16/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Hayden's in the Kitchen with Dinah10/23/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Hayden and Luther's Excellent Adventure10/30/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3The Break-Up11/06/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3The Iceman Goeth11/13/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Cabin Fever11/27/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Men Don't Heal12/04/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3When Hayden Met Christine12/11/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Christmas Brains12/18/1990 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Dauber Graduates01/08/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Puppy Love01/22/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3The Marion Kind: Part 102/05/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3The Marion Kind: Part 202/12/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Leonard Kraleman: All-American02/19/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
32 BRs, MTN VW02/26/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Hurley-Burleigh03/12/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Hayden Fox for Universal Jocks03/26/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3A Father and Son Reunion04/02/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
3Diamonds Are a Dentist's Best Friend04/09/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off10/01/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Since My Beaver Left Me10/08/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
7Don't Get Mad, Get Cooley10/15/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4A Real Guy's Guy10/29/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home11/05/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Requiem for a Groundskeeper11/12/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't11/19/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4I Hate Barbara11/26/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Loonstruck12/03/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4The Pineapple Bowl: Part 112/10/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4The Pineapple Bowl: Part 212/17/1991 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Rizzendough Revisited01/07/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Return of the Marriage Killer01/14/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4War of the Dopes02/04/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4The Woodchuck, the Beaver and the Fox: A Menage a Trois02/11/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4No Good Deed Goes Unpunished02/18/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Last of the Red-Hot Luthers02/25/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4The Old Fish and the Shoes03/17/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Dateline-Bangkok04/28/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4If That's Opportunity, Don't Answer05/05/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Frequent Flyers, Crossed Wires05/12/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
4Can We Go Home Now?05/19/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5To Air Is Human09/08/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Big Brother, Little Brain09/22/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Father of the Year09/29/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Born Luther10/06/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Shirley Burleigh, Girlie Friday10/13/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Rizzendough Rendezvous10/27/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5The Bachelor Party11/10/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Dresswreckers11/17/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Vows11/25/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5The Patriot Bowl12/02/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5My True Love Gave to Me...12/16/1992 9:30 pmABCUSA
5The Commercial: Part 101/06/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5The Commercial: Part 201/13/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Buzzy Money01/27/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Vegas Odds02/03/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Burden of the Burleighs02/17/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5The Bigger They Are...02/24/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Luthario03/10/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Dirty Tricks03/31/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5About Face05/05/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5Why So Happy, Hayden?05/12/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
5One for the Road05/19/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Baby on Board09/14/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Belly of the Beast09/21/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Nice Job If You Can Get It09/28/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Luck Stops Here10/05/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6If She Can Make It There...10/12/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Uneasy Riders10/26/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Piece o' Cake11/02/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Running on Empty11/09/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6It Came from New York11/16/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Playbook11/30/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Pioneer Bowl12/07/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Christmas of the Van Damned12/14/1993 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Babywreckers01/04/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Coach for a Day: Part 101/11/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Coach for a Day: Part 201/18/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6My Cup Runneth Over02/08/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Like Father, Like Daughter02/15/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Devil in Mrs. Burleigh02/22/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Blue Chip Blues03/01/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6The Stand-In03/08/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Something Old, Something New03/22/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6One of the Guys04/05/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6My Best Friend's Girl05/03/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Goodbye, Mr. Putts05/10/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Head Like a Wheel05/17/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
6Retrospective05/24/1994 9:30 pmABCUSA
7Pros & Cons09/12/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7It Should Happen to You09/19/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Graceless Under Fire10/02/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Judy's Turn10/03/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Above and Beyond the Call of Hayden10/16/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Inconceivable10/17/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Jailbirds10/24/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7My Fair Agent11/07/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Be a Good Sport11/19/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Working Girl11/27/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Out of Control11/28/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7The Popcorn Bowl12/12/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Luther and Ruthanne Take the Big 12 Steps12/19/1994 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Did Someone Call Me Snorer?01/09/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Close Encounters of the Worst Kind01/16/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7The Kicker01/23/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7The Walk-On02/06/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Call Me Cupid02/13/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Johnsonwreckers02/20/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7The Day I Met Frank Gifford02/28/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Kelly's New Guy: Part 103/13/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Kelly's New Guy: Part 203/20/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Ten Percent of Nothing04/04/1995 8:00 pmABCUSA
7Oh, a Pro Job: Part 105/03/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
7Oh, a Pro Job: Part 205/10/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Me?: Part 109/13/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Me?: Part 209/20/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Fool for Lunch09/27/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8She's Having Our Baby: Part 110/17/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8She's Having Our Baby: Part 210/24/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Bo Knows10/31/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Coach's Cornered11/07/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Turtle World11/14/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8There's Got to Be a Mourning After: Part 111/21/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8There's Got to Be a Mourning After: Part 211/28/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Bye Bye Burleigh: Part 112/05/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA8
8Bye Bye Burleigh: Part 212/12/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8The Tight End12/19/1995 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Nice Guys Get Cut01/02/1996 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Her Boyfriend's Back01/26/1996 9:30 pmABCUSA
8The Gardener02/06/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Patching Things Up02/13/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Save the Wave02/20/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Dauber's Vehicle02/27/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Quarantine03/12/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Van Dam vs. Fox03/19/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Fantasy Camp04/02/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8Luther Get Your Gun04/30/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
8A Player to Be Named Later05/07/1996 9:30 pmABCUSA
8Somebody's Baby05/21/1996 9:30 pmABCUSA
9Sleepless in Orlando09/28/1996 9:00 pmABCUSA
9Just Short of the Goal10/05/1996 9:00 pmABCUSA
9Last Tango in Orlando10/12/1996 9:00 pmABCUSA
9Isn't It Romantic?10/19/1996 9:00 pmABCUSA
9We Can Never Die10/26/1996 9:00 pmABCUSA
9In the Money12/11/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
9You Win Some, You Lose Some12/18/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Wings Over Buffalo12/20/1996 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Somewhere Out There01/08/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9A Boy and His Doll01/22/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9The Body Gardener02/05/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9To Ski or Not to Ski02/12/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9It's a Swamp Thing02/19/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Viva Las Ratings02/26/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9A Fox by Any Other Name03/12/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9The Stench of Death03/26/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Baby Coaches04/02/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Upsized04/16/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9The Neighbor Hood04/23/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Leaving Orlando: Part 105/07/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA
9Leaving Orlando: Part 205/14/1997 8:30 pmABCUSA