Pogle's Wood

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Pogles: The Magic Bean07/29/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK22
The Pogles: A Silver Crown08/05/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK
The Pogles: Pogle Go Home!08/12/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK
The Pogles: A Flower For Wishes08/19/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK
The Pogles: The Singing Bird08/26/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK
The Pogles: King of The Fairies09/02/1965 5:05 pmBBC1UK
1Grains of Wheat04/07/196610:45 amBBC1UK1
1Milk from the Dairy04/14/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Honey Bees04/21/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Eggs for Breakfast05/05/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Trains05/12/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Pig-in-the-Middle05/19/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1The Secret House05/26/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Noisy Engines06/02/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Badgers and Bears06/09/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Bears in the Wood06/16/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Cake Crumbs06/23/196610:45 amBBC1UK
1Keep Clear of the Water06/30/196610:45 amBBC1UK
Sheep's Wool07/14/196610:45 amBBC1UK
Woodwinds10/03/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Strong Music10/10/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
A Little House10/17/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Bears in the Wood (?)10/24/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Bricks10/31/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
A Paper Tiger11/07/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
The Princess and the Jewel11/14/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Flowers11/21/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Kings and Queens11/28/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Clocks12/05/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Woodwork12/12/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Roundabouts12/19/1967 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Umbrellas01/04/1968 1:30 pmBBC1UK
Tree Farming06/20/196810:45 amBBC1UK