Highway to Heaven

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Highway to Heaven: Part 109/19/1984USA
1Highway to Heaven: Part 209/19/1984USA
1To Touch the Moon09/26/1984USA
1The Return of the Masked Rider10/03/1984USA
1Song of the Wild West10/17/1984USA
1One Fresh Batch of Lemonade: Part 110/24/1984USA
1One Fresh Batch of Lemonade: Part 210/31/1984USA
1A Divine Madness11/07/1984USA
1Catch a Falling Star11/14/1984USA
1Help Wanted: Angel11/21/1984USA
1Dust Child11/28/1984USA
1Hotel of Dreams12/12/1984USA
1Another Song for Christmas12/19/1984USA
1Plane Death01/09/1985USA
1One Winged Angels01/16/1985USA
1Going Home, Going Home01/23/1985USA
1As Difficult as ABC01/30/1985USA
1A Child of God02/06/1985USA
1A Match Made in Heaven02/20/1985USA
1The Banker and the Bum02/27/1985USA
1The Brightest Star03/06/1985USA
1An Investment in Caring03/13/1985USA
1The Right Thing03/27/1985USA
1Thoroughbreds: Part 105/01/1985USA
1Thoroughbreds: Part 205/08/1985USA
2A Song for Jason: Part 109/18/1985USA
2A Song for Jason: Part 209/25/1985USA
2Bless the Boys in Blue10/02/1985USA
2The Devil and Jonathan Smith10/30/1985USA
2Birds of a Feather11/06/1985USA
2Popcorn, Peanuts and CrackerJacks11/13/1985USA
2The Smile in the Third Row11/20/1985USA
2The Secret11/27/1985USA
2The Monster: Part 112/04/1985USA
2The Monster: Part 212/11/1985USA
2The Good Doctor12/18/1985USA
2Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind01/15/1986USA
2Change of Life01/29/1986USA
2Keep Smiling02/05/1986USA
2The Last Assignment02/12/1986USA
2To Bind the Wounds02/19/1986USA
2Heaven on Earth02/26/1986USA
2The Torch03/12/1986USA
2Sail Away04/02/1986USA
2Children's Children04/30/1986USA
3A Special Love: Part 109/24/1986USA
3A Special Love: Part 210/01/1986USA
3For the Love of Larry10/08/1986USA
3Another Kind of War, Another Kind of Peace10/15/1986USA
3That's Our Dad10/29/1986USA
3Love at Second Sight11/05/1986USA
3Love and Marriage: Part 111/12/1986USA
3Love and Marriage: Part 211/12/1986USA
3Code Name: FREAK11/19/1986USA
3Man to Man11/26/1986USA
3Jonathan Smith Goes to Washington12/03/1986USA
3Oh Lucky Man12/10/1986USA
3Basinger's New York12/17/1986USA
3All That Glitters01/07/1987USA
3A Song of Songs01/21/1987USA
3A Night to Remember01/28/1987USA
3A Mother and a Daughter02/04/1987USA
3Normal People02/11/1987USA
3The Hero02/18/1987USA
3Parents' Day02/25/1987USA
3A Father's Faith03/04/1987USA
3Heavy Date03/18/1987USA
3Ghost Rider04/01/1987USA
3The Gift of Life05/06/1987USA
4Man's Best Friend: Part 109/16/1987USA
4Man's Best Friend: Part 209/23/1987USA
4Fight for Your Life09/30/1987USA
4The People Next Door10/21/1987USA
4I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf10/28/1987USA
4Playing for Keeps11/04/1987USA
4Amazing Man11/11/1987USA
4All the Colors of the Night11/18/1987USA
4Why Punish the Children?11/25/1987USA
4A Dream of Wild Horses12/02/1987USA
4In with the 'In' Crowd12/09/1987USA
4With Love, the Claus12/23/1987USA
4A Mother's Love01/06/1988USA
4Country Doctor01/13/1988USA
4Time in a Bottle01/20/1988USA
4Back to Oakland02/03/1988USA
4We Have Forever: Part 202/17/1988USA
4The Correspondent02/24/1988USA
4A Dolphin Song for Lee: Part 103/16/1988USA
4A Dolphin Song for Lee: Part 203/23/1988USA
4Heaven Nose, Mister Smith03/30/1988USA
4The Whole Nine Yards04/27/1988USA
7We Have Forever: Part 105/10/1988USA111
5Whose Trash Is It Anyway?10/12/1988USA
5Hello and Farewell: Part 112/07/1988USA
5Hello and Farewell: Part 212/07/1988USA
5The Silent Bell03/21/1989USA
5The Reunion06/02/1989USA
5The Source06/09/1989USA
5The Squeaky Wheel06/16/1989USA
5Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka06/23/1989USA
5Summer Camp07/14/1989USA
5The Inner Limits07/21/1989USA
5It's a Dog's Life07/28/1989USA
5Merry Christmas from Grandpa08/04/1989USA25