Worzel Gummidge

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Worzel's Washing Day02/25/1979 5:30 pmITVUK9
1A Home Fit for Scarecrows03/04/1979UK10
1Aunt Sally03/11/1979UK10
1The Crowman03/18/1979UK8
1A Little Learning03/25/1979UK9
1Worzel Pays a Visit04/01/1979UK7
1The Scarecrow Hop04/08/1979UK13
2Worzel and Saucy Nancy01/06/1980UK14
2Worzel's Nephew01/13/1980UK12
2A Fishy Tale01/20/1980UK12
2The Trial of Worzel Gummidge01/27/1980UK8
2Very Good, Worzel02/03/1980UK13
2Worzel in the Limelight02/10/1980UK11
2Fire Drill02/17/1980UK12
2The Scarecrow Wedding02/24/1980UK14
4The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg06/19/1980UK10
4The Jumbly Sale06/26/1980UK11
3Moving On11/01/1980UK9
3Dolly Clothes-Peg11/08/1980UK7
3A Fair Old Pullover11/15/1980UK13
3Worzel the Brave11/22/1980UK9
3Worzel's Wager11/29/1980UK15
3The Return of Dafthead12/06/1980UK8
3Captain Worzel12/13/1980UK10
3Choir Practice12/20/1980UK10
3A Cup 'O Tea and a Slice 'O Cake12/27/1980UK18
4Worzel in Revolt07/03/1981UK3
4Will the Real Aunty Sally...?07/10/1981UK10
4The Golden Hind07/17/1981UK11
4Worzel's Birthday07/31/1981UK12
4Muvvers' Day10/31/1981UK6