Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Hero Discovered06/20/2016
1The Mines of Graballa06/21/2016
1Zander's Joyride06/22/2016
1The Lost Treasure of Cloud City06/23/2016
1Peril on Kashyyyk06/27/2016
1Crossing Paths07/11/2016
1Race on Tatooine07/18/2016
1The Test07/25/2016
1The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase08/01/2016
1The Maker of Zoh08/08/2016
1Showdown on Hoth08/15/2016
1Duel of Destiny08/22/2016
1Return of the Kyber Saber08/29/2016
2A New Home06/17/2017
2Trouble on Tibalt06/17/2017
2The Tower of Alistan Nor07/31/2017
2The Embersteel Blade08/01/2017
2The Storms of Taul08/02/2017
2Return to the Wheel08/03/2017
2The Lost Crystals of Qalydon08/07/2017
2The Pit and the Pinnacle08/08/2017
2Flight of the Arrowhead08/09/2017
2A Perilous Rescue08/10/2017
2Escape from Coruscant08/14/2017
2Free Fall08/14/2017
2Return of the Return of the Jedi08/16/2017