Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Conshelf Adventure09/05/1966USA
1Savage Worlds of the Coral Jungle03/06/1968USA
1Search in the Deep04/15/1968USA
1The Unexpected Voyage of Pepito and Cristobal01/13/1969USA
1Sunken Treasure03/03/1969USA
1Legend of Lake Titicaca04/24/1969USA
1The Desert Whales10/28/1969USA
1The Night of the Squid01/16/1970USA
1The Return of the Sea Elephants02/08/1970USA
1Those Incredible Diving Machines03/10/1970USA
1The Water Planet03/28/1970USA
1Tragedy of the Red Salmon11/24/1970USA
1The Dragons of Galapagos02/24/1971USA
1Secrets of the Sunken Caves03/19/1971USA
1Lagoon of Lost Ships05/14/1971 9:00 pmABCUSA64
1The Unsinkable Sea Otter09/26/1971USA
1Octopus, Octopus12/21/1971USA
1The Forgotten Mermaids01/24/1972USA
1A Sound of Dolphins02/25/1972USA
1The Smile of the Walrus11/05/1972USA
1500 Million Years Beneath the Sea01/11/1973USA
1The Singing Whale03/12/1973USA
1South to Fire and Ice11/29/1973USA
1The Flight of Penguins01/21/1974USA
1Beneath the Frozen World03/03/1974USA
1Blizzard at Hope Bay03/22/1974USA
1Life at the End of the World11/14/1974USA
1Beavers of the North Country01/06/1975USA
1The Coral Divers of Corsica02/21/1975USA
1The Sleeping Sharks of Yucatan04/06/1975USA
1The Sea Birds of Isabela12/08/1975USA
1The Fish That Swallowed Jonah05/23/1976USA
1The Incredible March of the Spiny Lobsters05/30/1976USA