Enemy at the Door

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1By Order of the Fuhrer01/21/1978278
1The Librarian01/28/1978
1After the Ball02/04/1978
1Steel Hand from the Sea02/11/1978
1The Laws and Usages of War02/18/1978
1V for Victory02/25/1978
1The Polish Affaire03/04/1978
1Officers of the Law03/11/1978
1The Jerrybag03/18/1978
1Pains and Penalties04/01/1978
1The Prussian Officer04/08/1978
1Judgement of Solomon04/15/1978
2Call of the Dead01/05/1980
2Reception for the General01/12/1980
2Angels That Soar Above01/19/1980
2No Quarter Given01/26/1980
2Committee Man02/02/1980
2Post Mortem02/09/1980
2The Raid02/16/1980
2War Game03/01/1980
2The Right Blood03/08/1980
2From a View to a Death03/15/1980
2The Education of Nils Borg03/22/1980