Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1End. Begin. All the Same.08/30/2019NetflixUSA42
1Nothing is Simple Anymore08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1What Was Sundered and Undone08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1The First Thing I Remember Is Fire08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1She Knows All the Secrets08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1By Gelfling Hand...08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1Time to Make... My Move08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1Prophets Don't Know Everything08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1The Crystal Calls08/30/2019NetflixUSA
1A Single Piece Was Lost08/30/2019NetflixUSA