When the Boat Comes In

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
A Land Fit for Heroes and Idiots01/08/1976UK14
Say Hello...... Say Tirra01/15/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Fish in Woolly Jumpers01/22/1976UK
Swords and Pick Handles01/29/1976UK
Coal Comfort02/05/1976UK
Empire Day on the Slag Heap02/12/1976UK
A First Time for Everything02/19/1976UK
Paddy Boyle's Discharge02/26/1976UK
Angel on Horseback03/04/1976UK
King for a Day03/11/1976UK
Happy New Year, Some Say03/18/1976UK
Heads You Win, Tails I Lose03/25/1976UK
Kind Hearted Rat with a Lifebelt04/01/1976 8:10 pmBBC1UK
Ask for Twopence, Take a Penny10/29/1976UK
Tram Ride to the Bluebell11/05/1976UK
A Pillowful of Buttercups11/12/1976UK
Roubles for the Promised Land11/19/1976UK
Some Bulbs to Keep the Garden Bright11/26/1976UK
God & Love & Wellesley Street12/03/1976UK
Whatever Made You Think the War Was Over?12/10/1976UK
Ladies, Women, Sweethearts & Wives12/17/1976 8:25 pmBBC1UK
After the Bonfire01/07/1977UK
A Wreath with Our Names On01/14/1977UK
The Way It Was in Murmansk01/21/1977UK
In the Front Line You Get Shot At01/28/1977UK
The Simple Pleasures of the Rich02/04/1977UK
A House Divided09/08/1977UK
A Tiger, a Lamb & a Basket... of Fruit09/15/1977UK
My Bonnie Lass, Goodbye09/22/1977UK
A Ticket to Care for the Wounded09/29/1977UK
Travel Light, Travel Far10/06/1977UK
Requiem for a Loser10/13/1977 8:10 pmBBC1UK17
Debts Owed, Debts Paid10/20/1977UK
The Empire Builders10/27/1977UK
Look Up & See the Sky11/03/1977 8:10 pmBBC1UK13
Letters from Afar11/10/1977UK
The Father of Lies11/17/1977UK
Diamond Cut Diamond11/24/1977UK
A Marriage & a Massacre12/01/1977UK
High Life & Hunger12/08/1977UK
Please Say Goodbye Before You Go12/15/1977UK
Back to Dear Old Blighty02/17/1981UK
A Gift from Heaven02/24/1981UK
A Medal for the Argentine03/03/1981UK
Flies & Spiders03/10/1981UK
Oh, My Charming Billy Boy03/17/1981UK10
Friends, Romans, Countrymen03/24/1981UK12
The Bright Young Things03/31/1981UK
Comrades in Arms04/14/1981UK
Roll of Honour04/21/1981UK