Silent Witness

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Buried Lies: Part 102/21/1996UK28
1Buried Lies: Part 202/22/1996UK17
1Long Days, Short Nights02/28/1996UK26
1Long Days, Short Nights: Part 102/28/1996UK26
1Darkness Visible: Part 103/13/1996UK28
1Darkness Visible: Part 203/14/1996UK23
1Sins of the Fathers: Part 103/27/1996UK13
1Sins of the Fathers: Part 204/03/1996UK21
2Blood, Sweat and Tears: Part 102/14/1997UK11
2Blood, Sweat and Tears: Part 202/15/1997UK17
2Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 102/28/1997UK20
2Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 203/01/1997UK16
2Only the Lonely: Part 103/21/1997UK15
2Only the Lonely: Part 203/22/1997UK2
2Friends Like These: Part 104/04/1997UK19
2Friends Like These: Part 204/05/1997UK18
3An Academic Exercise03/19/1998UK26
3Fallen Idol04/02/1998UK15
3Brothers in Arms04/23/1998UK15
4Gone Tomorrow05/31/1999UK15
4A Kind of Justice06/08/1999UK15
4A Good Body06/15/1999UK17
5The World Cruise12/11/2000UK21
5Two Below Zero02/12/2001UK11
6The Fall Out09/28/2002UK
6Kith and Kill: Part 110/05/2002UK16
6Kith and Kill: Part 210/06/2002UK16
6Tell No Tales: Part 110/19/2002UK16
6Tell No Tales: Part 210/20/2002UK16
6Closed Ranks Part 110/26/2002UK
6Closed Ranks: Part 210/27/2002UK12
6The Fall Out: Part 210/29/2002UK13
DMX, Method Man and Ludacris09/01/2003UK
7Answering Fire: Part 110/11/2003UK23
7Answering Fire: Part 210/12/2003UK15
7Fatal Error: Part 110/18/2003UK18
7Running on Empty: Part 110/25/2003UK10
7Beyond Guilt: Part 111/01/2003UK21
7Beyond Guilt: Part 211/02/2003UK3
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz05/01/2004UK
Beastie Boys 06/01/2004UK
Secret Machines and The Killers 09/01/2004UK
8A Time to Heal: Part 109/05/2004UK10
8A Time to Heal: Part 209/06/2004UK6
8Death by Water: Part 109/12/2004UK13
8Death by Water: Part 209/13/2004UK12
8Nowhere Fast: Part 109/19/2004UK13
8Nowhere Fast: Part 209/20/2004UK12
8Body 21: Part 109/25/2004UK18
8Body 21: Part 209/26/2004UK16
The Lower East Side 11/15/2004UK
Winter Wonderland 02/08/2005UK
Southwest Manhattan 02/15/2005UK
Along the G-Train 02/22/2005UK
The Used & My Chemical Romance 03/01/2005UK
The Music Lovers Episode 03/08/2005UK
The Other Islands of New York 04/12/2005UK
Rock Music NY 04/26/2005UK
Fat Joe, Juvenile & T.I.06/01/2005UK
9Ghosts: Part 107/25/2005UK11
9Ghosts: Part 207/26/2005UK11
9Choices: Part 108/01/2005UK12
9Choices: Part 208/02/2005UK3
9The Meaning of Death: Part 108/08/2005UK12
9The Meaning of Death: Part 208/09/2005UK3
9Mind and Body: Part 108/15/2005UK13
9Mind and Body: Part 208/16/2005UK4
Kids 08/23/2005UK
Chinatown 09/06/2005UK
Little India 09/13/2005UK
Kanye West10/01/2005UK
Get Fit NY 10/18/2005UK
System of a Down11/27/2005UK
Window Shopping 01/29/2006UK
The Rules of Dating 02/05/2006UK
Cats and Dogs 02/12/2006UK
Finishing a Chapter 02/19/2006UK
Harlem 02/22/2006UK
Wingman 02/26/2006UK
Timing Is Everything 03/12/2006UK
Stay 03/19/2006UK
Downtown Brooklyn 03/21/2006UK
Tribeca 03/28/2006UK
Daddy Yankee06/18/2006UK
Culture Around the City 06/20/2006UK
Flatbush Avenue 06/27/2006UK
10Cargo: Part 107/16/2006UK
10Cargo: Part 207/17/2006UK
10Terminus: Part 107/23/2006UK
10Terminus: Part 207/24/2006UK
10Body of Work: Part 107/30/2006UK
10Body of Work: Part 207/31/2006UK
10Supernova: Part 108/06/2006UK
10Supernova: Part 208/07/2006UK
10Schism: Part 108/13/2006UK
10Schism: Part 208/14/2006UK
Summer Fun 09/07/2006UK
My Chemical Romance09/20/2006UK
Best of Manhattan 09/26/2006UK
Best of Brooklyn 10/03/2006UK
Haunted 10/27/2006UK
All About Food 11/08/2006UK
Dream Weaver 11/16/2006UK
The Game11/26/2006UK
Death Sex 11/30/2006UK
Daddy's Girl 12/21/2006UK
Fight Friend 01/18/2007UK
Clay Date 03/14/2007UK
Funeral Parlor Murder 03/19/2007UK
I Heart Woodcocks 03/21/2007UK
Time Capsule Murder 03/26/2007UK
Car Keys Murder 04/02/2007UK
Storage Unit Murder 04/16/2007UK
The Pond Scum Murder 04/23/2007UK
The In-Law Murders 05/07/2007UK
A Christmas Murder 05/14/2007UK
11Apocalypse: Part 108/28/2007UK
11Apocalypse: Part 208/29/2007UK
11Suffer the Children: Part 109/03/2007UK
11Suffer the Children: Part 209/04/2007UK
11Hippocratic Oath: Part 109/10/2007UK
11Hippocratic Oath: Part 209/11/2007UK
11Double Dare: Part 109/17/2007UK
11Double Dare: Part 209/18/2007UK
11Peripheral Vision: Part 109/24/2007UK
11Peripheral Vision: Part 209/25/2007UK
Four Neighbors and a Funeral 09/26/2007UK
Come Out and Play 10/03/2007UK
Mixed Doubles 10/17/2007UK
Bedtime Stories 11/14/2007UK
Everybody Digs Doug 11/28/2007UK
12Safe: Part 110/01/2008UK30
12Safe: Part 210/02/2008UK7
12Death's Door: Part 110/08/2008UK11
12Death's Door: Part 210/09/2008 9:00 pmBBC1UK12
12Terror: Part 110/15/2008BBC1UK9
12Terror: Part 210/16/2008BBC1UK8
12Judgement: Part 110/22/2008BBC1UK10
12Judgement: Part 210/23/2008BBC1UK11
12The Lost Child: Part 110/29/2008BBC1UK9
12The Lost Child: Part 210/30/2008BBC1UK11
12Finding Rachel: Part 111/05/2008BBC1UK8
12Finding Rachel: Part 211/06/2008BBC1UK8
13Intent: Part I01/07/2010BBC1UK8
13Intent: Part II01/08/2010BBC1UK8
13Voids: Part I01/14/2010BBC1UK14
13Voids: Part II01/15/2010BBC1UK12
13Run: Part I01/21/2010BBC1UK7
13Run: Part II01/22/2010BBC1UK10
13Shadows: Part I01/28/2010BBC1UK12
13Shadows: Part II01/29/2010BBC1UK10
13Home: Part I02/04/2010BBC1UK4
13Home: Part II02/05/2010BBC1UK3
14A Guilty Mind: Part I01/03/2011BBC1UK9
14A Guilty Mind: Part 201/04/2011BBC1UK13
14Lost: Part 101/10/2011BBC1UK10
14Lost: Part 201/11/2011BBC1UK11
14First Casualty: Part 101/17/2011BBC1UK15
14First Casualty: Part 201/18/2011BBC1UK16
14Bloodlines: Part 101/24/2011BBC1UK6
14Bloodlines: Part 201/25/2011BBC1UK7
14The Prodigal: Part 101/31/2011BBC1UK10
14The Prodigal: Part 202/01/2011BBC1UK9
15Death Has No Dominion: Part 104/01/2012BBC1UK
15Death Has No Dominion: Part 204/02/2012BBC1UK
15And Then I Fell in Love: Part 104/08/2012BBC1UK
15And Then I Fell in Love: Part 204/09/2012BBC1UK
15Paradise Lost: Part 104/15/2012BBC1UK
15Paradise Lost: Part 204/16/2012BBC1UK
15Redhill: Part 104/22/2012BBC1UK
15Redhill: Part 204/23/2012BBC1UK
15Fear: Part 104/29/2012BBC1UK
15Fear: Part 204/30/2012BBC1UK
16Change: Part 101/10/2013BBC1UK
16Change: Part 201/11/2013BBC1UK
16Trust: Part 101/17/2013BBC1UK
16Trust: Part 201/18/2013BBC1UK
16True Love Waits: Part 101/24/2013BBC1UK
16True Love Waits: Part 201/25/2013BBC1UK
16The Legacy: Part 101/31/2013BBC1UK
16The Legacy: Part 202/01/2013BBC1UK
16Greater Love: Part 102/07/2013BBC1UK
16Greater Love: Part 202/08/2013BBC1UK
17Commodity: Part 101/02/2014BBC1UK
17Commodity: Part 201/03/2014BBC1UK
17Coup De Grace: Part 101/09/2014BBC1UK
17Coup De Grace: Part 201/10/2014BBC1UK
17In a Lonely Place: Part 101/16/2014BBC1UK
17In a Lonely Place: Part 201/17/2014BBC1UK
17Undertone: Part 101/23/2014BBC1UK
17Undertone: Part 201/24/2014BBC1UK
17Fraternity: Part 101/30/2014BBC1UK22
17Fraternity: Part 201/31/2014BBC1UK19
18Sniper's Nest: Part 101/06/2015BBC1UK
18Sniper's Nest: Part 201/07/2015BBC1UK
18Falling Angels: Part 101/12/2015BBC1UK
18Falling Angels: Part 201/13/2015BBC1UK
18Protection: Part 101/19/2015BBC1UK
18Protection: Part 201/20/2015BBC1UK
18Squaring the Circle: Part 101/26/2015BBC1UK
18Squaring the Circle: Part 201/27/2015BBC1UK
18One of Our Own: Part 102/02/2015BBC1UK
18One of Our Own: Part 202/03/2015BBC1UK
19After the Fall: Part 101/04/2016BBC1UK
19After the Fall: Part 201/05/2016BBC1UK
19Flight: Part 101/11/2016BBC1UK
19Flight: Part 201/12/2016BBC1UK
19Life Licence: Part 101/18/2016BBC1UK
19Life Licence: Part 201/19/2016BBC1UK
19In Plain Sight: Part 101/26/2016BBC1UK
19In Plain Sight: Part 201/27/2016BBC1UK
19River's Edge: Part 102/01/2016BBC1UK
19River's Edge: Part 202/02/2016BBC1UK
20Identity: Part 101/02/2017BBC1UK
20Identity: Part 201/03/2017BBC1UK
20Discovery: Part 101/09/2017BBC1UK
20Discovery: Part 201/10/2017BBC1UK
20Remembrance: Part 101/16/2017BBC1UK
20Remembrance: Part 201/18/2017BBC1UK
20Covenant: Part 101/23/2017BBC1UK
20Covenant: Part 201/24/2017BBC1UK
20Awakening: Part 101/30/2017BBC1UK
20Awakening: Part 201/31/2017BBC1UK
21Moment of Surrender: Part 101/08/2018BBC1UK
21Moment of Surrender: Part 201/09/2018BBC1UK
21Duty of Candour: Part 101/15/2018BBC1UK
21Duty of Candour: Part 201/16/2018BBC1UK
21A Special Relationship: Part 101/22/2018BBC1UK
21A Special Relationship: Part 201/23/2018BBC1UK
21One Day: Part 101/29/2018BBC1UK
21One Day: Part 201/30/2018BBC1UK
21Family: Part 102/05/2018BBC1UK21
21Family: Part 202/07/2018BBC1UK
22Two Spirits: Part 101/08/2019BBC1UK
22Two Spirits: Part 201/09/2019BBC1UK
22Lift Up Your Hearts: Part 101/14/2019 9:00 pmBBC OneUK
22Lift Up Your Hearts: Part 201/15/2019 9:00 pmBBC OneUK
22To Brighton, To Brighton: Part 101/21/2019 9:00 pmBBC OneUK
22To Brighton, To Brighton: Part 201/22/2019 9:00 pmBBC OneUK
22Deathmaker: Part 101/28/2019BBC OneUK
22Deathmaker: Part 201/29/2019BBC OneUK
22Betrayal: Part 102/04/2019BBC OneUK
22Betrayal: Part 202/05/2019BBC OneUK
23Deadhead: Part 101/07/2020BBC OneUK
23Deadhead: Part 201/08/2020BBC OneUK
23Close to Home: Part 101/13/2020BBC OneUK
23Close to Home: Part 201/15/2020BBC OneUK
23Seven Times: Part 101/20/2020BBC OneUK
23Seven Times: Part 201/21/2020BBC OneUK
23Hope: Part 101/27/2020BBC OneUK
23Hope: Part 201/28/2020BBC OneUK
23The Greater Good: Part 102/03/2020BBC OneUK
23The Greater Good: Part 202/05/2020BBC OneUK
24Redemption: Part 109/06/2021BBC OneUK
24Redemption - Part 209/07/2021BBC OneUK
24Bad Love: Part 109/13/2021BBC OneUK
24Bad Love: Part 209/14/2021BBC OneUK
24Reputations: Part 109/20/2021BBC OneUK
24Reputations: Part 209/21/2021BBC OneUK
24Brother's Keeper: Part 109/27/2021BBC OneUK
24Brother's Keeper: Part 209/28/2021BBC OneUK
24Matters of Life and Death: Part 110/04/2021BBC OneUK
24Matters of Life and Death: Part 210/05/2021BBC OneUK
25History - Part One05/23/2022BBC OneUK
25History - Part Two05/24/2022BBC OneUK
25History - Part Three05/30/2022BBC OneUK
25History - Part Four05/31/2022BBC OneUK
25History - Part Five06/06/2022BBC OneUK
25History - Part Six06/07/2022BBC OneUK
26The Penitent - Part 101/02/2023BBC OneUK
26The Penitent - Part 201/02/2023BBC OneUK
26Familiar Faces - Part 101/09/2023BBC OneUK
26Familiar Faces - Part 201/09/2023BBC OneUK
26Star: Part 101/16/2023BBC OneUK
26Star: Part 201/16/2023BBC OneUK
26Hearts of Darkness: Part 101/23/2023BBC OneUK
26Hearts of Darkness: Part 201/24/2023BBC OneUK
26Southbay: Part 101/30/2023BBC OneUK
26Southbay: Part 201/31/2023BBC OneUK