SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Woman Pressure01/05/19778
1A Smile from Antonio01/12/1977
1I Wish They Wouldn't Call Me Son01/19/1977
1Wholesale Fish02/02/1977
1The Cheese and Wine02/09/1977
2Mirror, Mirror on the Floor05/18/1978
2Wilmot Gets a Bad Case of Big Cyril's Second Wife05/25/197814
2Wilmot and an Even Worse Case of Big Cyril's Second Wife06/01/1978
2The Eyes of the Law06/08/1978
2Further Complications06/22/1978
2Our Intrepid Birdmen06/29/1978
3Those Wonderful People in the C.I.D.06/07/1979
3Free Sample06/14/1979
3The Worm That Turns Us All06/21/1979
3Happy Birthday, Mr Chizlehurst06/28/1979
3Looking for Herbie07/05/1979
3Turn Left at the Parrot07/12/1979
3A Day in the Country07/19/1979 8:30 pmBBC1UK9
4Tune on a Silent Dog Whistle09/18/1981
4Arresting Gordon by Instalments09/25/1981
4You're Beautiful Miss Parkinson10/02/1981
4The Eight Foot Goat10/09/1981
4Big Night at Freezi-Pops10/16/1981
4An Informer for Engelbert10/23/1981
4Caught in the Act10/30/1981