Magic Roundabout

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Mr Rusty Meets Zebedee10/18/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Zebedee Starts The Roundabout10/19/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
The Children Try To Win A Surprise10/20/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Gets A Surprise10/21/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Goes To Zebedee’s Magic Garden10/25/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Gets Another Surprise10/26/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Meets Some Strange Acrobats10/27/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Meets Some Unusual Birds10/28/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Mr Rusty’s Barrel Organ Breaks Down11/01/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Is Invited To Zebedee's House11/02/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK1
Florence Gets To Zebedee’s House And Has A Surprise11/03/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
All The Children Visit Zebedee11/04/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
The Children Go To The Theatre11/08/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
Mr Rusty’s Kitchen11/09/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
The Children Make A Plan11/10/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
The Children Build Their House11/11/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
The Children Decorate Their House11/15/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
A Very Special Ride11/16/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
Dougal Turns Detective11/17/1965 5:50 pmBBC1UK
Episode01/22/1971 5:44 pmBBC1UK