Midsomer Murders

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Killings at Badger's Drift03/23/1997 8:00 pmITVUK2726
1Written in Blood03/22/1998UK3025
1Death of a Hollow Man03/29/1998UK3122
1Faithful Unto Death04/22/1998 3:50 pmITV3UK2217
1Death in Disguise05/06/1998UK2420
2Death's Shadow01/20/1999UK22
2Strangler's Wood02/03/1999UK2721
2Dead Man's Eleven09/12/1999UK22
2Blood Will Out09/19/1999UK1515
3Death of a Stranger12/31/1999UK21
3Blue Herrings01/22/2000UK3023
3Judgement Day01/29/2000UK22
3Beyond the Grave02/05/2000UK17
4Garden of Death09/10/2000UK2614
4Destroying Angel08/26/2001UK23
4The Electric Vendetta09/02/2001UK19
4Who Killed Cock Robin?09/09/2001UK27
4Dark Autumn09/16/2001UK1
4Tainted Fruit09/23/2001UK2620
5Market for Murder06/16/2002UK1814
5A Worm in the Bud06/23/2002UK17
5Ring Out Your Dead09/15/2002UK13
5Murder on St. Malley's Day09/22/2002UK22
6A Talent for Life01/03/2003UK2924
6Death and Dreams01/10/2003UK2116
6Painted in Blood01/17/2003UK19
6A Tale of Two Hamlets01/24/2003UK17
6Birds of Prey01/31/2003UK2318
7The Green Man11/02/2003UK17
7Bad Tidings01/04/2004UK19
7The Fisher King01/11/2004UK1412
7Sins of Commission01/18/2004UK13
7The Maid in Splendour01/25/2004UK17
7The Straw Woman02/29/2004UK1918
8Things That Go Bump in the Night10/10/2004UK16
8Dead in the Water10/17/2004UK17
7Ghosts of Christmas Past12/25/2004UK21
8Orchis Fatalis01/09/2005UK19
8Bantling Boy01/16/2005UK1918
8Second Sight01/23/2005UK13
8Hidden Depths03/13/2005UK21
8Sauce for the Goose04/03/2005UK18
8Midsomer Rhapsody10/02/2005UK21
9The House in the Woods10/09/2005UK18
9Dead Letters02/26/2006UK13
9Vixen's Run03/05/2006UK18
9Down Among the Dead Men03/12/2006UK15
9Four Funerals and a Wedding06/12/2006UK16
9Country Matters06/19/2006UK17
9Death in Chorus06/26/2006UK15
9Last Year's Model07/03/2006UK18
10Dance With the Dead11/12/2006UK
10Animal Within01/19/2007UK
10King's Crystal01/26/2007UK17
10Axeman Cometh02/02/2007UK19
10Death and Dust05/08/2007UK23
10Picture of Innocence06/03/2007UK17
10They Seek Him Here08/21/2007UK19
10Death in a Chocolate Box08/28/2007UK17
11Shot at Dawn01/01/2008UK20
11Blood Wedding05/10/2008UK19
11Left for Dead05/24/2008UK15
11Midsomer Life05/31/2008 8:00 pmITVUK2925
11The Magician's Nephew06/14/2008UK18
11Days of Misrule07/05/2008UK15
11Talking to the Dead08/05/2008UK16
12The Dogleg Murders03/19/2009UK19
12The Black Book03/26/200911:00 pmITV3UK18
12Secrets and Spies07/07/2009 3:55 pmITV3UK
12The Glitch07/21/2009 7:00 pmITV3UK
12Small Mercies09/20/200910:55 amITV3UK
12The Creeper09/27/200912:55 pmITV3UK
12The Great and the Good10/04/2009 2:55 pmITV3UK
13The Sword of Guillaume02/10/2010UK
13The Made-to-Measure Murders05/12/2010UK
13Blood on the Saddle07/27/2010UK
13The Silent Land08/03/2010UK
13Master Class10/06/2010UK2221
13The Noble Art10/13/2010UK
13Not in My Back Yard01/12/2011 7:00 pmITV3UK
13Fit for Murder01/23/2011UK
14Death in the Slow Lane03/23/2011UK
14Dark Secrets03/30/2011UK
14Echoes of the Dead04/20/2011UK
14The Oblong Murders05/25/2011UK
14The Sleeper Under the Hill09/21/2011UK
14The Night of the Stag10/12/2011UK
14A Sacred Trust10/26/2011UK
14A Rare Bird01/11/2012UK
15The Dark Rider02/01/2012UK
15Murder of Innocence03/21/2012UK
15Written in the Stars09/25/2012UK
15Death and the Divas01/02/2013UK34
15The Sicilian Defence01/09/2013UK
15Schooled in Murder01/30/2013UK
16The Christmas Haunting12/24/2013UK
16Let Us Prey01/08/2014UK
16Wild Harvest01/29/2014UK
16The Flying Club02/05/2014UK
16The Killings of Copenhagen02/12/2014 8:00 pmITVUK29
17The Dagger Club01/28/2015UK
17Murder by Magic02/04/2015UK
17The Ballad of Midsomer County02/11/2015UK
17A Vintage Murder02/18/2015UK
18Habeas Corpus01/06/2016UK
18The Incident at Cooper Hill01/13/2016UK
18Breaking the Chain01/27/2016UK
18A Dying Art02/03/2016UK
18Saints and Sinners02/10/2016UK
18Harvest of Souls02/17/2016UK
19The Village That Rose from the Dead12/18/2016UK
19Crime and Punishment01/04/2017UK
19Last Man Out01/11/2017UK
19Red in Tooth & Claw01/18/2017UK
19Death by Persuasion03/01/2017UK
20Drawing Dead06/08/2018 8:00 pmITVUK
20The Lions of Causton06/29/2018UK
20Till Death Do Us Part07/06/2018UK
20Send in the Clowns07/13/2018UK
20The Ghost of Causton Abbey03/10/2019UK
20Death of the Small Coppers03/17/2019UK