SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Lady Comes Across09/10/1973CBSUSA
1The Gilt Complex09/17/1973CBSUSA11
1Shuffle Off to Buffalo09/24/1973CBSUSA
1If No One Answers, That's Me10/01/1973CBSUSA
1Hanrahan's Rainbow10/08/1973CBSUSA
1Fire One10/15/1973CBSUSA
1Queen for a Night10/29/1973CBSUSA
1Take My Father, Please11/05/1973CBSUSA
1You Can't Go Back11/12/1973CBSUSA
1Pest in the House11/26/1973CBSUSA
1Long Shots and Fat Chances.12/03/1973CBSUSA
1Never, Never, Ever Again... Maybe12/10/1973CBSUSA
1Who's Minding the Cat?12/17/1973CBSUSA
1New Marshall in Town12/24/1973CBSUSA
1Kung Who?01/07/1974CBSUSA