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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Quality of Mercy09/16/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA16
1Killer Instinct09/23/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1Death Across the Counter09/30/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
1The Riot10/07/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Young Lovers10/14/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Boy Between10/21/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Hundred Lives of Harry Simms10/28/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Accident11/04/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Trial of Jenny Scott11/11/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Man with the Concrete Thumb11/18/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Treadmill11/25/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1Perjury12/02/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Attack12/09/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Prowler12/16/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1Gideon's Follies12/23/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Best Defense12/30/1961 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Bedside Murder01/06/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
1The Search01/20/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA4
1Storm at Birch Glen01/27/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Point Shaver02/03/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Locked Room02/10/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Empty Chute02/17/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Crusader02/24/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Hickory Indian03/03/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Iron Man03/10/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Tarnished Cross03/17/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Last Six Months03/31/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Naked Heiress04/07/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1Reunion with Death04/21/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Benefactor04/28/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1Along Came a Spider05/05/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Broken Barrelhead05/26/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Voices of Death09/15/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Blood County09/22/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Indelible Silence09/29/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Seven Ghosts of Simon Gray10/06/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Unwanted10/13/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Madman: Part 110/20/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Madman: Part 210/27/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Bigamist11/03/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Avenger11/17/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
2The Invisible Badge11/24/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Hidden Jungle12/01/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Savage Infant12/08/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Apostle12/15/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Grandma TNT12/22/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Death Takes the Stand12/29/1962 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Kill or Be Killed01/05/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Man Against Himself01/12/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Poisoned Fruit Doctrine01/19/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Poltergeist01/26/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
2Ordeal02/02/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
2The Hour Before Doomsday02/09/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Traitor02/16/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA5
2The Eye of Fear02/23/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Metamorphosis03/02/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
2The Last Illusion03/09/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Heathen03/23/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2A Book for Burning03/30/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA5
2A Taste for Vengeance04/06/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Colossus04/13/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Judgment Eve04/20/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Noose04/27/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2Everybody Else Is Dead05/11/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Trial of Twenty-Two05/18/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
2The Brother Killers05/25/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Weeping Baboon09/28/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Empty Heart10/05/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Captive10/12/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Bagman10/19/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
3Conspiracy of Silence10/26/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Cruel Hook11/02/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
3The Star Spangled Ghetto11/09/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Loophole11/16/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3The Seal of Confession11/30/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
3Climate of Evil12/07/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3The Crowd Pleaser12/14/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
3Old Lady Ironsides12/21/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA12
3Fugue for Trumpet and Small Boy12/28/1963 8:30 pmCBSUSA5
3Claire Chevel Died in Boston01/04/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA13
3The Last Day01/11/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3Blacklist01/18/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Who'll Dig His Grave?01/25/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
3All the Silent Voices02/01/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
3The Secret02/08/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Pill Man02/22/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Drink Like a Lady02/29/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Survival03/14/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Moment of Truth03/21/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Hidden Fury03/28/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Die Laughing04/11/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3May Day! May Day!04/18/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Thief04/25/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Yankee Come Home05/02/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Man Who Saved His Country05/09/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Mind Over Murder05/16/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Sixth Alarm05/23/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Fine Line05/30/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3The Non-Violent06/06/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Stowaway06/13/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
3Hollow Triumph06/20/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3The Uncivil War06/27/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA
4The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang: Part 109/24/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang: Part 210/01/196410:00 pmCBSUSA9
4Hero of the People10/08/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4Go Between10/15/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4Conflict of Interests10/22/196410:00 pmCBSUSA8
4The Man Who10/29/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4Turning Point11/05/196410:00 pmCBSUSA9
4A Taste of Ashes11/12/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4Comeback11/26/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Siege12/03/196410:00 pmCBSUSA10
4Whitewash12/10/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4A Voice Loud and Clear12/17/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4King of the Hill12/31/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
4Whipping Boy01/07/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Eyewitness01/14/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Silent Killer01/21/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Death on Wheels01/28/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Unwritten Law02/04/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Objector02/11/196510:00 pmCBSUSA6
4Fires of the Mind02/18/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4No-Knock02/25/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Merry-Go-Round Mender03/04/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Nobody Asks What Side You're On03/11/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Impeachment03/18/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Sworn Twelve03/25/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4A Matter of Law and Disorder04/08/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Youths and Maidens on an Evening Walk04/15/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Prosecutor04/29/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Bum's Rush05/06/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
4Only a Child05/13/196510:00 pmCBSUSA
Episode11/28/196910:00 pmCBSUSA