SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Paddington on Trial01/01/1975
1Please Look After this Bear01/05/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK11
1A Bear in Hot Water01/06/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1Paddington Goes Underground01/07/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1A Shopping Expedition01/08/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1Paddington and the Old Master01/09/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1A Spot of Decorating01/12/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1A Family Group01/13/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1Paddington Makes a Bid01/14/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
1Do It Yourself01/15/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Trouble at No 3201/16/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Something Nasty in the Kitchen01/19/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Trouble at the Launderette01/20/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Too Much Off the Top01/22/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
A Visit to the Dentist01/23/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Cleans Up05/03/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington and the Christmas Shopping05/04/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Mr Curry Takes a Bath05/05/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Turns Detective 05/06/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington and the' Cold Snap05/07/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Trouble at the Waxworks05/10/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep05/11/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
A Sticky Time05/12/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Hits the Jackpot05/13/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Visit to the Hospital05/14/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Hits Out05/17/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Recommended05/18/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Fortune Telling05/19/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
An Unexpected Party05/20/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
A Spot of Decorating05/21/1976 5:40 pmBBC1UK
Christmas12/29/1976 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Goes to Court10/22/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
A Picnic on the River10/25/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington's Patch10/26/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
In and Out of Trouble10/29/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington at the Tower11/01/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
A Visit to the Bank11/02/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Clears the Coach11/05/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Picture Trouble11/08/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington in the Hot Seat11/09/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Weighs In11/12/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Takes a Snip11/15/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
A Visit to the Theatre11/16/1979 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Buys a Share04/11/1980 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Trouble in the Bargain Basement04/14/1980 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington in Touch04/15/1980 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Comings and Goings at No 3204/18/1980 5:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Goes to the Movies03/15/1983 4:45 pmBBC1UK
Paddington Goes to School01/03/1986 4:35 pmBBC1UK
Paddington's Birthday Bonanza12/26/1987 8:25 amBBC1UK