David Cronenberg

Assorted folk enter the world of a new virtual reality game called eXistenZ, unaware that assorted parties want the game designer dead.

Cronenberg tries his hand at the virtual reality thing in the wake of Johnny Mnemonic and Strange Days and pipping Matrix to the post slightly.
In a way this is a follow up to Videodrome exploring some of the same themes, but the tone here is much lighter, almost comic in fact. Meanders but ends with a laugh.

16th February 1999
Berlin Film Festival

19th April 1999

eXistenZ (Buena Vista)
19th October 1999


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Jennifer Jason Leigh
Allegra Geller
Jude Law
Ted Pikul
Ian Holm
Kiri Vinokur
Don McKellar
Yevgeny Nourish
Callum Rennie
Hugo Carlaw
Sarah Polley
Robert A. Silverman
D'Arcy Nader
Christopher Eccleston
Levi, seminar leader
Willem Dafoe
Oscar Hsu
chinese waiter
Kris Lemche
Noel Dichter
Vik Sahay
male assistant
Kirsten Johnson
female assistant
James Kirchner
Balazs Koos
male volunteer
Stephanie Belding
female volunteer
Gerry Quigley
trout farm worker

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