SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Under the Night10/02/200017
1An Affirming Flame10/09/200016
1To Loose the Fateful Lightning10/16/2000
1D Minus Zero10/23/2000
1Double Helix10/30/2000
1Angel Dark, Demon Bright11/06/2000
1The Ties That Blind11/13/2000
1The Banks of the Lethe11/20/2000
1A Rose in the Ashes11/27/2000
1All Great Neptune's Ocean01/15/2001
1The Pearls That Were His Eyes01/22/2001
1The Mathematics of Tears01/29/2001
1Music of a Distant Drum02/05/2001
1Harper 2.002/12/2001
1Forced Perspective02/19/2001
1The Sum of Its Parts02/26/2001
1Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way04/09/2001
1The Devil Take the Hindmost04/16/2001
1The Honey Offering04/23/2001
1It Makes a Lovely Light05/07/2001
1Its Hour Come 'Round at Last05/14/2001
2The Widening Gyre10/01/2001
2Exit Strategies10/08/2001
2A Heart for Falsehood Framed10/15/2001
2Pitiless as the Sun10/22/2001
2Last Call at the Broken Hammer10/29/2001
2All Too Human11/05/2001
2Una Salus Victus11/12/2001
2Home Fires11/19/2001
2Into the Labyrinth11/26/2001
2The Prince01/14/2002
2Bunker Hill01/21/2002
2Lava and Rockets02/04/2002
2Be All My Sins Remembered02/11/2002
2Dance of the Mayflies02/18/2002
2In Heaven Now Are Three02/25/2002
2The Things We Cannot Change04/08/2002
2The Fair Unknown04/15/2002
2Belly of the Beast04/27/2002
2The Knight, Death and the Devil04/29/2002
2Immaculate Perception05/06/2002
2Tunnel at the End of the Light05/13/2002
3If the Wheel Is Fixed09/21/2002
3The Shards of Rimini10/07/2002
3Mad to Be Saved10/14/2002
3Cui Bono10/21/2002
3The Lone and Level Sands10/28/2002
3Slipfighter the Dogs of War11/04/2002
3The Leper's Kiss11/11/2002
3For Whom the Bell Tolls11/18/2002
3And Your Heart Will Fly Away11/25/2002
3The Unconquerable Man01/20/2003
3Delenda Est01/27/2003
3The Dark Backward02/03/2003
3The Risk-All Point02/10/2003
3The Right Horse02/17/2003
3What Happens to a Rev Deferred?02/24/2003
3Point of the Spear03/31/2003
3Vault of the Heavens04/07/2003
3Deep Midnight's Voice04/14/2003
3The Illusion of Majesty04/21/2003
3Twilight of the Idols04/28/2003
3Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath05/05/2003
3Shadows Cast by a Final Salute05/12/2003
4Answers Given to Questions Never Asked09/29/2003
4Pieces of Eight10/06/2003
4Waking the Tyrant's Device10/13/2003
4Double or Nothingness10/20/2003
4Soon the Nearing Vortex11/03/2003
4The World Turns All Around Her11/10/2003
4Conduit to Destiny11/17/2003
4Machinery of the Mind01/12/2004
4Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter01/19/2004
4The Torment, the Release01/26/2004
4The Spider's Stratagem02/02/2004
4The Warmth of an Invisible Light02/09/2004
4The Others02/16/2004
4Fear Burns Down to Ashes02/23/2004
4Lost in a Space That Isn't There04/05/2004
4Abridging the Devil's Divide04/12/2004
4Trusting the Gordian Maze04/19/2004
4A Symmetry of Imperfection04/26/2004
4Time Out of Mind05/03/2004
4The Dissonant Interval: Part 105/10/2004
4The Dissonant Interval: Part 205/17/2004
5The Weight: Part 109/24/2004
5The Weight: Part 210/01/2004
5Phear Phactor Phenom10/08/2004
5Decay of the Angel10/15/2004
5The Eschatology of Our Present10/22/2004
5When Goes Around...10/29/2004
5Attempting Screed11/05/2004
5So Burn the Untamed Lands11/12/2004
5What Will Be Was Not11/19/2004
5The Test01/07/2005
5Through a Glass, Darkly01/14/2005
5Pride Before the Fall01/21/2005
5Moonlight Becomes You01/28/2005
5Past Is Prolix02/08/2005
5The Opposites of Attraction02/11/2005
5Saving Light from a Black Sun02/18/2005
5Totaled Recall04/08/2005
5Quantum Tractate Delirium04/15/2005
5One More Day's Light04/22/2005
5Chaos and the Stillness of It04/29/2005
5The Heart of the Journey: Part 105/06/2005
5The Heart of the Journey: Part 205/13/2005