The Lady Has Plans


Sidney Lanfield

Spy shenanigans in neutral Lisbon involving stolen torpedo plans drawn on a lady's back and mistaken identity which leads to every male in the vicinity wanting to take a look at Paulette Goddard's bare back (as if an excuse were needed).

Amusing comedy of misunderstandings, a remake of 1934's Stamboul Quest.

Another 1940s Paramount never released on DVD, thus available prints are not very good.

-Dave W.

24th January 1942

77 mins

Ray Milland
Kenneth Clarence Harper
Paulette Goddard
Sidney Royce
Roland Young
Ronald Dean
Albert Dekker
Baron Von Kemp
Margaret Hayes
Rita Lenox
Cecil Kellaway
Peter Miles
Edward Norris
Frank Richards
Charles Arnt
Hans Schumm
First German
Hans von Morhart
Second German
Genia Nikolaieva
German Maid
(Miss Schlinger)
Gerald Mohr
Joe Scalsi
Lionel Royce
Thomas W. Ross
Abner Spencer
Addison Richards
Paul Baker
Mel Ruick
Radio Announcer
Arthur Loft
Mr. Weston
Warren Ashe
Paul Phillips
Keith Richards
US Hotel Clerk
Richard Webb
Pan American Clerk
Nestor Paiva
Lisbon Porter
Louis Mercier
Bellhop - La Barca Hotel
Francisco Marán
Manager - La Barca Hotel
Martin Garralaga
Maitre D'
Jean Del Val
Michael - Bartender
Unknown 10608
Waiter With Mickey Finn
Yola d'Avril
Hotel Maid
Terrance Ray
Taxi Driver
Wolfgang Zilzer
German Clerk - Baron's Office
Hans Fuerberg
Hotel Linza Desk Clerk
George Dobbs
Lisbon Hotel Clerk
Unknown 10608
German Guard
Unknown 10608
German Guard
Sigfrid Tor
German Guard
Hans Joby
German Official
Adolph Milar
German Official
William Yetter Sr.
German Official
Bruce Wyndham
Lee Shumway
Ray Flynn
Bit Part

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