The Last Days of Pompeii


Ernest B. Schoedsack
Production Company

Blacksmith becomes a gladiator to help pay doctor bills for his wife, then ends up raisng the son of a man he killed in the arena. Journeys to Judea to see Pontius Pilate and bumps into Christ and arrives back in Pompeii just in time for...

Not bad hokum with a hero who has to find redemption, twice, and good special effects by King Kong's Willis O'Brien amongst others. I'm not sure you could bump into the big J and still be young enough to watch Vesuvius erupt in AD 79 though.

Vidcaps by The Sloth

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Preston Foster
Alan Hale
Basil Rathbone
Pontius Pilate
John Wood
Louis Calhern
Prefect (Allus Martius)
David Holt
Flavius as a Boy
Dorothy Wilson
Wyrley Birch
Gloria Shea
Frank Conroy
Gaius Tanno
William V. Mong
Cleon, the Slave Dealer
Murray Kinnell
Judaean peasant
Henry Kolker
Edward Van Sloan
Zeffie Tilbury
Wise Woman
Reginald Barlow
The Janitor of the Slave Market
Maurice Black
Attendant in Gladiators' Training Room
Ward Bond
Murmex of Carthage, a Gladiator
John Davidson
Phoebus, Runaway Slave
Curley Dresden
Cato, a Gladiator
Helen Freeman
Thomas E. Jackson
The Lanista
Bruce King
Sythian Prisoner
Michael Mark
Pompeii nobleman
Edwin Maxwell
The Augur, a Pompeii Official
Margaret McWade
Calvus' wife
Jack Mulhall
Citizen of Pompeii
John T. Murray
Pilate's Servant
Ole M. Ness
Drusus, Runaway slave
Jason Robards Sr.
Tax Collector
Jim Thorpe
Spectator tossing coins