Cecil B. DeMille and the Coop - what more do you want from a classic wester, eh? Look fast for Anthony Quinn in war paint too!

1st June 2004


Gary Cooper
Wild Bill Hickok
Jean Arthur
Calamity Jane
James Ellison
Buffalo Bill Cody
Charles Bickford
John Lattimer
Helen Burgess
Louisa Cody
Porter Hall
Jack McCall
Paul Harvey
Chief Yellow Hand
Victor Varconi
Painted Horse
Frank Albertson
Young Trooper
Irving Bacon
hysterical trooper
Hank Bell
bit part
Davison Clark
James Speed
George Cleveland
Van Ellyn Assistant
Edgar Dearing
Custer's Messenger
George Ernest
An Urchin
Francis Ford
Old Veteran
George 'Gabby' Hayes
Charles Judels
Tony the Barber
Fuzzy Knight
Miner Dave
Fred Kohler
Francis McDonald
River Gambler
Dennis O'Keefe
Bit part
Anthony Quinn
Cheyenne Warrior
Mark Strong
Wells Fargo Agent
Harry Woods
Quartermaster Sergeant
Hank Worden
Deadwood Townsman