Son of Kong


Ernest B. Schoedsack

Lighthearted quickie sequel to the same year's King Kong. Carl Denham and friends return to Skull Island in search of lost treasure and encounter a white-furred "little Kong," who proves friendly and helpful to them.

Of note is the fact Helen Mack's Hilda proves an able and surprisingly capable female lead and love interest for Robert Armstrong's Denham. Unlike the passive Ann Darrow of the previous film, Hilda is quite active. She pulls her father from a burning tent, and it honestly looks like Ms. Mack really did bodily drag actor Clarence Wilson a good ways, and, no helpless damsel in distress, directly confronts her father's murderer (John Marston's Helstrom, playing just the right mix of evil, stupid and comical) and is unafraid of him and his threats (if anything, her direct manner makes HIM uneasy), and makes her own destiny by stowing aboard the Venture. On the island she never needs rescuing (at least, not any more than the male characters do) and even carries a gun.

This rather strong portrayal of a female character for the time is rather striking, especially coming as it does on the heels of Fay Wray's performance. Whereas Ms. Wray was gorgeous and a talented actress, her Ann was essentially just a prop constantly needing to be rescued, unlike Ms. Mack who while no action heroine is still a more active participant in the adventure, a fact often overlooked by people who tend to write The Son of Kong off as an inferior sequel not worth seeing. It is certainly inferior, but has its good points.

22nd December 1933

Robert Armstrong
Carl Denham
Helen Mack
Hilda Petersen
Frank Reicher
Captain Englehorn
John Marston
Captain Nils Helstrom
Victor Wong
Charlie, the Chinese Cook
Ed Brady
Bo'sun Red
Noble Johnson
Native Chief
Cy Clegg
Steve Clemente
Native Witch King
Harry Cornbleth
Nathan Curry
F. Garrety
J. Goff
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Dutch, a Sailor
Tex Higginson
Lee Kohlmar
Mickey, 2nd Process Server
Ken Kuntz
Ed Lanegan
Jimmy Leon
James B. Leong
Chinese Trader
Sam Levine
Fruit Peddler
Frank Mills
Frank O'Connor
1st Process Server
Claude Payton
Sailor / Suspenders Peddler
Jack Richardson
Ed Rochelle
Constantine Romanoff
Bill, a Sailor
Gene Rossi
Gertrude Short
Alice Stombs
Leo Sulky
Gertrude Sutton
Servant Girl
Harry Tenbrook
Tommy, a Sailor
Kathrin Clare Ward
Mrs. Hudson, Landlady
Homer Watson
Clarence Wilson
Petersen - Helene's Father
Fay Wray
Screaming voice (voice) (archive footage)

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