Star of Midnight


Stephen Roberts

RKO Radio Pictures

RKO's attempt to mimic the Thin Man formula would be a lot more fun if those films didn't exist to compare this one to. Could definitely benefit from a bit more humor, though the mystery element is pretty good, and MacDonald's police inspector with the bad arches is great. Also fun to note how many fictional detectives Powell namechecks during the course of the film (including Philo Vance, but not Nick Charles).

-Dave W.

19th April 1935

90 mins

William Powell
Clay Dalzell

Ginger Rogers
Donna Mantin

Paul Kelly
Jim Kinland

Gene Lockhart
Horatio Swayne

Ralph Morgan
Roger Classon

Leslie Fenton
Tim Winthrop

J. Farrell MacDonald
Inspector Doremus

Russell Hopton
Tommy Tennant

Vivien Oakland
Jerry Classon

Robert Emmett O'Connor
Sergeant Cleary

Frank Reicher
Abe Ohlman

John T. Murray
Kinland's Butler

Louis Natheaux
Kinland's Henchman

Eddy Chandler
Kinland's Henchman

Charles McMurphy
Officer Lewis

John Ince
First Doctor (uncredited)

Libby Taylor
Matilda, Mary Smith's Maid

Hooper Atchley
Allen, Hotel Manager

Paul Hurst
Corbett (uncredited)

Spencer Charters
Hotel Doorman

Francis McDonald
Kinland Henchman

Billy Dooley
Bartender (uncredited)

Bobby Barber
Waiter (uncredited)

George Chandler
Witness (uncredited)

George C. Pearce
Second Doctor

Syd Saylor
Foley, Record Delivery Man

Tiny Jones
Charwoman (uncredited)

Bess Flowers
Mary Smith / Alice Markham

Daisy Lee Mothershed
Belinda, Maid
(scenes deleted?)

Chris Survela: Vidcaps
Dave Wright: Revised Screencaps & Notes