War of the Satellites


Roger Corman
Allied Artists

Aliens blow up Earth spacecraft in order to prevent the "contamination" of Earth's inhabitants from expanding.

Competent little Corman quickie made to cash in on the launch of Sputnik is nothing stupendous, but given it was in theaters a mere eight weeks after work started on the script, it's pretty darn good. Plus any movie that gives star billing to Dick Miller deserves some kudos. Devon gets acting honors, though, while Cabot's character is dim even by 1950s standards for female sci-fi characters.

Best line: "It can't be Sputnik; it's not listed in TV Guide." :P

-Dave Wright

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18th May 1958

66 mins

Dick Miller
Dave Boyer
Susan Cabot
Sybil Carrington
Richard Devon
Doctor Pol Van Ponder
Eric Sinclair
Doctor Howard Lazar
Michael Fox
Jason ibn Akad
Robert Shayne
Cole Hotchkiss
Jered Barclay
John Compo
(as Jerry Barclay)
John Brinkley
Crew Member
Tony Miller
Crew Member
Bruno VeSota
Mr. LeMoine
Jay Sayer
Mitzi McCall
Roy Gordon
The President
Beach Dickerson
Crew Member
Jim Knight
Crew Member
(as James Knight)
Roger Corman
Ground Control

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