Young Doctors in Love


Garry Marshall

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Sean Young
Stephanie Brody
Michael McKean
Dr. Simon August
Gary Friedkin
Dr. Milton Chamberlain
Kyle T. Heffner
Dr. Charles Litto
Rick Overton
Dr. Thurman Flicker
Crystal Bernard
Ted McGinley
Dr. Bucky DeVol
Saul Rubinek
Floyd Kurtzman
Harry Dean Stanton
Dr. Oliver Ludwig
Pamela Reed
Norine Sprockett
Taylor Negron
Dr. Phil Burns
Patrick Collins
Dr. Walter Rist
Dabney Coleman
Dr. Joseph Prang
Titos Vandis
Sal Bonafetti
Michael Richards
Hector Elizondo
Patrick Macnee
Haunani Minn
The Nurses - Chang
Becky Gonzalez
The Nurses - Perez
Lynne Marie Stewart
The Nurses - Thatcher
Esther Sutherland
The Nurses - Willa Mae
Hillary Horan
The Nurses - Theresa
Coleen Maloney
The Nurses - Jones
Sonya Jennings
The Nurses - Nina (as Sonia Jennings)
Kimberly McArthur
The Candystripers - Jyll Omato
The Surgeons - Doctor Stevens
Charlie Brill
The Surgeons - Doctor Quick
Thomas Byrd
The Surgeons - New Intern
Frank Pesce
Tessa Richarde
The Gangsters - Rocco's Wife
Nicholas Mele
John Beradino
Soap Cameos
Emily McLaughlin
Soap Cameos
Michael Damian
Soap Cameos
Steven Ford
Soap Cameo
Chris Robinson
Soap Cameo
Stuart Damon
Soap Cameo
Jaime Lyn Bauer
Soap Cameos
Tom Ligon
Soap Cameo
Kin Shriner
Soap Cameo
Janine Turner
Soap Cameos
Jacklyn Zeman
Soap Cameos
James O'Connell
The Cops - Blind Officer
Diane Markoff
Walter Scott
The Cops - Bed Mechanic
Reynaldo Rey
The Cops - Cicerelli
Art Kassul
The Cops - Cop with Assault Victim
Nancy Lane
The Hospital Staff - Mrs. Pendergast (as Nancy Davis-Lane)
Billie Bird
The Hospital Staff - Flower Lady
Kathleen Marshall
The Hospital Staff - Usherette #2 (as Kathi Marshall)
Stuart Charno
The Hospital Staff - Warren the Orderly
Larry Flash Jenkins
The Hospital Staff - Paul the Orderly
John Steadman
The Patients - 82 Year Old Man
Scott Marshall
The Patients - Boy with Fly
Robert Ball
The Patients - Mickey Callaghan
Neal Kaz
The Patients - Ward Patient #1
George Furth
Disgusting Looking Patient
John Moschitta Jr.
The Patients - Complaining Man
David Dozer
The Patients - Santa Claus
Frank Campanella
The Flashback - Young Simon's Grandfather
Ed Begley Jr.
The Flashback - Young Simon's Father
David Friedman
The Flashback - Young Simon
Hamilton Camp
The Others - Oscar Katz
Alexandra Balahoutis
The Others - Spoiled Brat
Rose Michtom
The Others - Mrs. Pierce
Peggy Trentini
The Others - Christmas Elf
David Ketchum
Balloon Man
Richard Dean Anderson
Drug Dealer
Monique Gabrielle
Cynthia Geary
Girl with Broken Nose
Paul Stanley
Himself (scenes deleted)
Susan Lucci
Susan Lucci
Demi Moore
New Intern