Born to Be Bad


Andrew Tombes

18th May 1934

Loretta Young
Letty Strong
Cary Grant
Malcolm Trevor
Jackie Kelk
Mickey Strong
Marion Burns
Mrs. Alyce Trevor
Henry Travers
Paul Harvey
Attoney Brian
Russell Hopton
Steve Karns
Harry Green
Adolph - Letty's Lawyer
Franklyn Ardell
Apartment House Clerk
Wade Boteler
Guard at Trevor Estate
Matt Briggs
Truant Officer
Charles Coleman
Trevor's Butler
Mary Forbes
Admirer at Nightclub
Etienne Girardot
J. K. Brown - Claim Adjustor
Dean Hall
Man in Courtroom
Harry Holman
Man at Bar with Letty
George Irving
Admirer at Nightclub
Eddie Kane
Edward Keane
Admirer at Nightclub
Claude King
Party Guest Admiring Letty
Mike Lally
Courtroom Extra
Howard Lang
Dr. Steele
Frank LaRue
Assistant Attorney
Jack LeMaire
Elevator Boy
John Marston
Second Doctor
Harold Miller
Dance Extra at Party
Geneva Mitchell
Miss Crawford - Malcolm's Secretary
Bert Moorhouse
Party Guest
H. Sennells
Assistant Attorney
Jack Stoney
Policeman at Mickey's Accident
Guy Usher
Judge McAffee

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