Douglas Trumbull

An ill-omened movie because:

The film was nearly scuttled by Natalie Wood's death during a production break in November 1981. By this time, Wood had already completed all of her major scenes, but due to mounting financial problems, MGM took Wood's death as an opportunity to shut down the already troubled production. "When she died," said Trumbull, "all the sets were locked and frozen on all the stages. No one could get in or out without special permission while all the negotiations took place."

The virtual reality concept of the film, a gamer experiences the recorded experiences of someone else, is now a more common movie theme, Strange Days, eXistenz even perhaps Matrix mined (mind?) similar themes. To give the viewer the same sensation, director Douglas Trumball intercut early IMAX type film into the regular 35mm footage and used sensurround sound to give it a bit more oomph. Quite impressive. The plot featuring your usual evil govt. plotting is somewhat of a letdown, not to mention the depiction of the afterlife with flapping origami angels whizzing around.

In the ensuing chaos, Trumball vowed to himself never to make another film again and has more-or-less kept his word, which ranks as another of those great losses to cinema.

Vidcaps from the original non-anamorphic DVD.

30th September 1983

23rd December 1983

26th May 1998


10th July 2012

106 mins

Christopher Walken
Michael Anthony Brace
Natalie Wood
Karen Brace
Louise Fletcher
Lillian Reynolds
Cliff Robertson
Alex Terson
Jordan Christopher
Gordy Forbes
Donald Hotton
Landan Marks
Alan Fudge
Robert Jenkins
Joe Dorsey
Hal Abramson
Bill Morey
James Zimbach
Jason Lively
Chris Brace
Darrell Larson
Security Technician
Lou Walker
Stacey Kuhne-Adams
John Hugh
Animal Lab Technician
Ira David Wood
Keith Colbert
Dr. Ted Harris
Jerry Bennett
Dr. Janet Bock
Mary Fran Lyman
Realtor (as Mary-Fran Lyman)
Jack Harmon
Security Guard
Nina Axelrod
Simulator Technician
Kelly W. Brown
Race car man (?)
Desiree Ayres
Bikini Girl#1 (right)
Debbie Porter
Bikini Girl#2 (left)
Allen G. Butler
Man at Party#1
Robert Bloodworth
Man at Party#4
Georgianne Walken
Wendy Abramson
Jimmy Boyd
Col. Howe (as Jim Boyd)
Charlie Briggs
Colonel Easterbrook
Ann Lincoln
Alex's Secretary
Robert Terry Young
Minister on Bell Tower (as Rev. Robert Terry Young)
Bill Willens
Emergency Room Doctor
Jim Burk
Lab Technician
Jimmy Casino
Tape Library Technician
Robert Hippard
Screaming Man
John Gladstein
Dr. Pederson
Herbert Hirschman
Dr. Graf
John Vidor
Bill Couch
Agent #1 (?)
Robert Gooden
Agent #2 (?)
Wallace Merck
Agent #3 (?)
Glen Lee
Agent #4 (?)
Ernest Robinson
Guard #1 (as Ernie Robinson)
Roger Black
Bob Burns
Tommy J. Huff
Guard #2
May Boss
Tape Library Woman (as May Raymond Boss)
Clay Boss
Tape Library Man
Peter Harrell
Susan Kampe
Eric Lively
Captain Barty
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Board member
Lana Clarkson
Food Fantasy Girl
Food Fantasy Girl
Food Fantasy Girl