The Plank


Eric Sykes
Associated London Films
Production Company

Two incompetent builders find themselves short one plank of wood and set off to acquire said item.

A theme Mr Eric Sykes has returned to over the years, clearly inspired by the comic two reelers of the 20s. Peppered with familiar faces and familiar pratfalls.

8th August 1967

Tommy Cooper
Larger Workman
Eric Sykes
Smaller Workman
Jimmy Edwards
Roy Castle
Delivery Man with boxes
Graham Stark
Amorous Van Driver
Stratford Johns
Station Sergeant
Jim Dale
House Painter
Jimmy Tarbuck
Hattie Jacques
Woman with Rose
Rex Garner
Libby Morris
John Junkin
One Eyed Truck Driver
Joan Young
Woman in Bus Queue with fur wrap
Barney Gilbraith
Paint-covered House Owner
Clovissa Newcombe
Girl in Van
Dermot Kelly
Anna Carteret
It's Paint Woman
Thomas Gallagher
Man with beer
Howard Douglas
Old Man
Bill Oddie
Window Cleaner
Kenny Lynch
Dustbin Lorry Driver
Ronnie Brody
Nude Model Carrier
Dave Freeman
UDC Cement Layer
Johnny Speight
Pipe Smoker in Bus Queue
Ian Wilson
Friend of Van Owner

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