A Bullet for Joey


Lewis Allen
United Artists

Exiled American mobster is brought to Montreal by the Reds to orchestrate kidnapping of atomic scientist. Will the mobster's latent patriotism come to the fore? (It's 1955, so of course it will, with a little needling from Eddie G.).

OK film starts off well, but too leisurely paced, and gets excessively flabby as it nears the climax. Not bad, though if the rest was as good as the climax, it would be closer to very good. Anyone expecting fireworks from Raft or Robinson will be disappointed; neither do much more than order the supporting cast around. Robinson, especially, is low-key to the point of being soporific. Often labeled a noir, but definitely not, just a police procedural.

The filmmakersmake an attempt to get the unusual Montreal setting right, with bilingual signs and Quebec plates, but it's pretty obvious it was filmed in Brentwood or another LA suburb.

-Dave W.

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A Bullet for Joey
15th April 1955

85 mins

Edward G. Robinson
Inspector Raoul Leduc
George Raft
Joe Victor
Audrey Totter
Joyce Geary
George Dolenz
Dr. Carl Macklin
Peter van Eyck
Eric Hartman
Toni Gerry
Yvonne Temblay
William Bryant
Jack Allen
(as Bill Bryant)
John Cliff
Morrie Morrell
Steven Geray
Raphael Garcia
Joseph Vitale
Nick Giannes
Sally Blane
Marie Temblay
Peter Hansen
Sergeant Fred Hart
(as Peter Hanson)
Kaaren Verne
Viveca Hartman
(as Karen Verne)
Henri Letondal
Anthony Dubois
Stan Malotte
Ralph Smiley
John Alvin
Constable Dan Percy
Carlos Rivero
Portuguese Waiter
Paul Toffel
Lisbon Shoe Shine Boy
Jack Perry
Passenger Coming off Ship in Montreal
Unknown 2623
Organ Grinder Suspect
Unknown 2623
Constable Outside Leduc's Office
Tina Carver
Chicago Counter Girl
Unknown 2623
Morrie's Chicago Associate
Ernesto Molinari
Card Player
Unknown 2623
Card Player
Sandy Sanders
Man on Phone Relaying Message to Jack
Carmelita Gibbs
Cuban Girl Leaving Joyce's Office
William Henry
Michael, Police Lab Techician
Suzanne Ridgeway
Nightclub Extra
Joel Smith
René, Golf Pro
Rory Mallinson
U-Drive Agency Clerk
Bill Neff
Reception Sergeant
Carlyle Mitchell
FBI Agent Frank Benson
Stuart Hall
Clubhouse Check Room Clerk
Unknown 2623
Clubhouse Waiter
Frank Hagney
Nightclub Bartender
Sandra Stone
Alan Wells
Unknown 2623
Bar Extra
Unknown 2623
Bar Extra
Unknown 2623
Police Officer at Bar
Unknown 2623
Police Officer at Bar
Fred Libby
Booking Sergeant
Unknown 2623
Police Officer in Jail
Paul Marion
Detective Posing as Gardener
Charles Ferguson
Detective Crocker
Barry Regan
First Tail (Adams)
Mal Alberts
Second Tail (Carson)
Fred Coby
Radio Operator
Unknown 2623
Detective Posing as Lineman
(I think this is Bill Hickman)
Unknown 2623
Detective Posing as Lineman
Peter Mamakos
Ship's Captain
Frank Richards
Ship's Officer
Roy Engel
Detective Posing as Truck Driver
John Goddard
Police Car Driver
Unknown 2623
Unknown 2623
Sailor with Rifle on Ship's Bridge
Unknown 2623
Sailor Patrolling Ship
John Frederick
Police Constable in Car
Bill Hickman
Macklin's Bodyguard / Driver
Cosmo Sardo
Allen Henchman
Cap Somers

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