Chris Wedge

Razzle-dazzle animated feature from the Ice Age folk concerning new robot-in-town, Rodney (Ewan McGregor), and evil corporate mogul, Ratchet (Greg Kinnear). Anything that gives Robin Williams an excuse to do his thing can't be all bad.
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19th September 2005

27th September 2005

Paula Abdul
Voice: Watch
Halle Berry
Voice: Cappy
Lucille Bliss
Voice: Pigeon Lady
Terry Bradshaw
Voice: Broken Arm Bot
Jim Broadbent
Voice: Madame Gasket
Mel Brooks
Voice: Bigweld
Amanda Bynes
Voice: Piper
Drew Carey
Voice: Crank
Jennifer Coolidge
Voice: Aunt Fanny
Dylan Denton
Voice: Youngest Rodney
Will Denton
Voice: Young Rodney
Marshall Efron
Voice: Lamppost/Toilet Bot et al
Damien Fahey
Voice: Stage announcer
Lowell Ganz
Voice: Mr Gasket
Paul Giamatti
Voice: Tim the Gate Guard
Dan Hedaya
Voice: Mr Gunk
Jackie Hoffman
Voice: Water Cooler
James Earl Jones
Voice: Voice Box at Hardware Store
Greg Kinnear
Voice: Ratchet
Jay Leno
Voice: Fire Hydrant
Natasha Lyonne
Voice: Loretta Geargrinder
Brian McFadden
Voice: Trashcan Bot
Ewan McGregor
Voice: Rodney Copperbottom
Tim Nordquist
Voice: Tin Man
Jansen Panettiere
Voice: Younger Rodney
Al Roker
Voice: Mailbox
Alan Rosenberg
Voice: Jack Hammer
Stephen Tobolowsky
Voice: Bigmouth Exec/Forge
Stanley Tucci
Voice: Herb Copperbottom
Chris Wedge
Dianne Wiest
Voice: Mrs Copperbottom
Harland Williams
Voice: Lug
Robin Williams
Voice: Fender