Priest may or may not have been inappropriate with a choirboy. Sister Aloysius is convinced and takes action.

Heavy weight acting match with Meryl Streep in the blue corner and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the red. Amy Adams' Sister James referees.

Watch it for the acting sparks, the drama is unsatisfactory alone.

7th April 2009

104 mins

7th April 2009

104 mins

6th July 2009

100 mins

Meryl Streep
Sister Aloysius Beauvier
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Father Brendan Flynn
Amy Adams
Sister James
Viola Davis
Mrs. Miller
Alice Drummond
Sister Veronica
Audrie Neenan
Sister Raymond
Susan Blommaert
Mrs. Carson
Carrie Preston
Christine Hurley
John Costelloe
Warren Hurley
Lloyd Clay Brown
Jimmy Hurley
Joseph Foster
Donald Miller
Bridget Megan Clark
Noreen Horan
Mike Roukis
William London
Haklar Dezso
Zither Player
Paulie Litt
Tommy Conroy
Lydia Jordan
Helen Stenborg
Sister Teresa
Tom Toner
Monsignor Benedict
Margery Beddow
Mrs. Shields
Jack O'Connell
Mr. McGuinn
Marylouise Burke
Mrs. Deakins