Paul Solet
Anchor Bay Films
Production Company
ArieScope Pictures
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Indigo Motion
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Michael and Madeline Matheson are embarking on the magical journey of parenthood. The only dark cloud on the horizon is a feud between Madeline and Michael's mother over whether the child should be born in hospital under the care of family friend, Dr Sohn or at a special natural birth clinic under the care of a friend of Madeline's, Dr Patricia Lang.

The situation has reached d├ętente when calamity strikes in the form of a fatal accident that changes all the rules. Madeline's baby is declared dead in the womb, but Dr Lang insists the birth process be allowed to come to term naturally. After a traumatic birth - a miracle - the baby is alive.


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16th January 2009
Sundance 2009

85 mins

15th September 2009

94 mins

15th September 2009

94 mins

Jordan Ladd
Madeline Matheson
Gabrielle Rose
Vivian Matheson
Samantha Ferris
Dr. Patricia Lang
Malcolm Stewart
Dr. Richard Sohn
Stephen Park
Michael Matheson
Kate Herriot
Serge Houde
Henry Matheson
Troy Skog
ER Doctor
Jeff Stone
ER Nurse
Jamie Stephenson
Skinny Clerk
Tenai Cam Measmer
Grace as an Infant
Annabel Kathlynn Bast
Grace as an Infant
Chris Cunningham
as Lab Technician
Karen Von Staden
Dr. Sohn's Secretary (as Karen von Staden)
Mark Claxton