Two Tars


Silent slapstick 2-reeler from Laurel & Hardy has them as careless motorists who cause mayhem on the road. After picking up two girls struggling with a gumball machine and being assaulted by the shopkeeper who owns it, they proceed for a drive but get stuck down a lane behind a row of cars in a jam... and then it's mayhem.
This is definietly one of the better of their silent films, which is further enhanced by the sound effects added on the DVD edition.

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Stan Laurel
'Ensign Laurel'
Oliver Hardy
'Secretary Wilbur'
Edgar Kennedy
Thelma Hill
Brunette Girl
Ruby Blaine
Blonde Girl
Harry Bernard
Truck Driver
Edgar Dearing
Motorcycle Cop
Charlie Hall
Jack Hill
Motorist with Mattress
Sam Lufkin
Thomas Benton Roberts
Motorist with Tomatoes
Charley Rogers
Motorist with Bent Fenders

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