Paranormal Activity


San Diego, California, September 2006 - a young lady moves in with her boyfriend seemingly to escape from the torment of being spooked by some unknown entity which has followed her around. Convinced she is being stalked by unseen demonds her boyfriend sets up a video camera in their bedroom to record them whilst they are sleeping. When they watch the footage back the next day they realise their fears were not unfounded...
Originally released in 2007 but held back until 2009 for a UK release.
Don't watch this alone in the dark just before going to bed - trust me.

This film now holds the new record of the biggest gross from a tiny budget, surpassing the previous holder, The Blair Witch Project (1999), a film it midly resembles.

There are no titles or credits in the film, so I have done the best I can with them here!

14th October 2007
Screamfest 2007

18th January 2008
Slamdance 2008

16th October 2009

25th November 2009

29th December 2009


Katie Featherston
Micah Sloat
Mark Fredrichs
The Psychic
Ashley Palmer
Amber Armstrong

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