Carry On Again Doctor


Gerald Thomas

The 18th film in the 'Carry On' series and this time the plot centres around disgraced doctor Dale being sent off to a medical mission on a tropical island (probably the Pinewood backlot) and returning with an amazing new pill to cure obesity. This makes him very popular when he opens his new clinic back in England...that is until Sid decides to cut in on the action.
One little piece of strange trivia: Sid James, who took top billing, does not show up until the 39th minute in the movie; surely a Carry On record?

For a THEN & NOW look at some of the locations used in the movie, check out this website

Followed by Carry On Up The Jungle (1970).

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Sid James
Gladstone Screwer
Kenneth Williams
Frederick Carver
Charles Hawtrey
Dr Ernest Stoppidge/Lady Puddleton
Jim Dale
Dr James Nookey
Joan Sims
Ellen Moore
Barbara Windsor
Goldie Locks
Hattie Jacques
Miss Soaper, Matron
Patsy Rowlands
Miss Fosdick
Peter Butterworth
Male patient
Elizabeth Knight
Nurse Willing
Alexandra Dane
Stout Woman
Peter Gilmore
Pat Coombs
New Matron
Patricia Hayes
Mrs. Beasley
William Mervyn
Lord Paragon
Lucy Griffiths
Old Lady
Harry Locke
Gwendolyn Watts
Night Sister
Valerie Leon
Miss Filkington-Battermore
Frank Singuineau
Native porter Kookaburra
Valerie Van Ost
Out-patients sister
Billy Cornelius
Patient in plaster
Elspeth March
hospital board member
Valerie Shute
Main Ward Nurse
Ann Lancaster
Miss Armitage
Shakira Baksh
Donald Bisset
Wilfrid Brambell
Heather Emmanuel
Native Girl
Frank Forsyth
Mr. Bean, patient
Hugh Futcher
Taxi Driver
Faith Kent
Berkeley Matron
George Roderick
Eric Rogers
Bob Todd
Patient on breathing apparatus
Johnnie Wade
Carver's chauffeur
Anthony Lang
Patient in Bed next to Bob Todd
Dr. Carver's Taxi Driver

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