Carry On Up The Khyber


Gerald Thomas
J. Arthur Rank Organisation
Production Company

The Carry On crew find themselves defending the last outpost of the Empire in a rebellious India.

Unrepentantly politically incorrect and popular Carry On (Cleo gets my nod though). Usual bad puns and entendres of varying quantity, at its best during a dignified dinner party while mayhem reigns outside.

The only member of the wives/hospitality girls roster I'm sure of is Valerie Leon...

28th November 1968

Sid James
Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond
Kenneth Williams
Khazi of Kalabar
Charles Hawtrey
Pvt James Widdle
Roy Castle
Capt. Keene
Joan Sims
Lady Ruff-Diamond
Bernard Bresslaw
Bungdit Din
Peter Butterworth
Terry Scott
Sgt-Major MacNutt
Angela Douglas
Princess Jelhi
Cardew Robinson
Julian Holloway
Maj. Shorthouse
Peter Gilmore
Ginger Hale
Leon Thau
Wanda Ventham
wife #1
Alexandra Dane
Michael Mellinger
Dominique Don
Belcher's Indian girl
Derek Sydney
Khasi's Major Domo
Steven Scott
Burpa Guard
David Spenser
Bunghit Din's servant
Patrick Allen
Narrator (voice)
Johnny Briggs
sporran soldier
Simon Cain
bagpipe soldier
Anthony Dutton
Harry Fielder
John Hallam
Burpa on rooftop
Nigel Kingsley
Indian Boy
Larry Taylor
Burpa at door-grid
Patrick Westwood
Burpa in crowd
Eve Eden
Khasi's wife
Barbara Evans
Khasi's wife
Liz Gold
Khasi's Wife
Katerina Holden
Khasi's wife
Tamsin MacDonald
Khasi's Wife
Lisa Noble
Khasi's Wife
Anne Scott
Khasi's Wife
Vicki Woolf
Khasi's wife
Josephine Blain
Hospitality Girl
June Cooper
Hospitality Girl
Carmen Dene
Hospitality girl
Angela Grant
Hospitality Girl
Valerie Leon
Hospitality girl
Vicki Murden
Hospitality Girl
Sue Vaughan
Hospitality Girl
Karen Young
Hospitality girl