A Christmas Carol


Edwin L. Marin

Most excellent telling of the Christmas standard, but then the 1951 Alastair Sim version aces it.
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16th December 1938

8th November 2005

Reginald Owen
Gene Lockhart
Bob Cratchit
Kathleen Lockhart
Mrs Cratchit
Terry Kilburn
Tiny Tim
Barry MacKay
Lynne Carver
Leo G. Carroll
Jacob Marley's Ghost
Lionel Braham
Spirit of Christmas Present
Ann Rutherford
Spirit of christmas Past
D'Arcy Corrigan
Spirit of Christmas Future
Ronald Sinclair
Young Scrooge
Bunny Beatty
Martha Cratchit
Matthew Boulton
Second Charity Solicitor
Charles Coleman
First Charity Solicitor
Forrester Harvey
Old Fezziwig
William Martin
Cratchit's Middle Son
John O'Day
Peter Cratchit
Charles Peck
Dick Wilkins
Ira Stevens
Fan Scrooge
Frank Benson
Billy Bevan
Street Watch Leader
Ted Billings
Man on Sidewalk
Bob Carey
Richard Clucas
Harry Cording
Richard Deane
Handsome Boy
David Dunbar
Herbert Evans
Gertrude Geyer
Slim Girl at Fred's Party
Douglas Gordon
Donald Hainey
Lumsden Hare
Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral
Hugh Harrison
Harold Henson
Halliwell Hobbes
Clergyman Sliding on Sidewalk
Olaf Hytten
Boyd Irwin
Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral
Bill James
I. Stanford Jolley
Man on Sidewalk
Tiny Jones
Woman Encouraging Fred to Slide
Muriel Kearney
Cratchit's Daughter
Colin Kenny
Crauford Kent
Scrooge's Tall Business Associate
George Kirby
Maude Leslie
Bess's Mother
Norma Leslie
Plump Girl at Fred's Party
June Lockhart
Belinda Cratchit
John Rogers
Chestnut Vendor
John Rogers
Chestnut Vendor
Clifford Severn
Boy Buying Scrooge's Christmas Turkey
Renee Shearing
Fred's Maid
William Stack
Man Discussing Scrooge's Funeral
James Stevens
Fat Man at Fred's Party
Doris Stone
Pretty Girl at Fred's Party
Monte Vandergrift
Delmar Watson
Snowballer in Gang
Eric Wilton
Scrooge's Short Business Associate