Desert Mice


Michael Relph

Tale of an ENSA ("Every Night Something Awful") troupe inflicted on an unwilling British Army officer.

Fairly amusing, and Marks is at his angriest, but needed a Ralph Thomas or similar as director to really make the material shine. Sort of turns into the light entertainment version of Ice Cold in Alex towards the third act, which is the most interesting bit.

Note: Apologies for poor caps, cannot obtain DVD at this time; consider these placeholders.

-Dave W.

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Desert Mice
1st December 1959

85 mins

Alfred Marks
Major Poskett
Sid James
Bert Bennett
Dora Bryan
Gay Gordon Bennett
Dick Bentley
Gavin O'Toole
Reginald Beckwith
Kenneth Fortescue
Lieutenant Peter Ribston
Irene Handl
Miss Maude Patch
Patricia Bredin
Susan Lee
Liz Fraser
Edie Boot
Joan Benham
Una O'Toole
Anthony Bushell
Colonel Plunkett
George Rose
Alan Tilvern
German Captain
Philo Hauser
John Le Mesurier
Staff Colonel
Marius Goring
German Major
Gilbert Davis
Unknown 4821
Blonde Waitress
Yvonne Buckingham
Unknown 4821
Muriel Manners
Jack Armstrong
Army Officer
Arthur Howard
Navy Doctor
Peter Brace
Sergeant on Troopship
Dan Cressey
Soldier on Troopship
Unknown Female 23
Middle Eastern Prostitute
Stanley Escane
Harry, First Sailor in Brothel
Unknown 4821
Second Sailor in Brothel
Manny Michael
Crying Sailor
M.E. Clifton James
Field Marshal Montgomery
Bob Raymond
Army Officer at GHQ Performance
Paul Beradi
Army Officer at GHQ Performance
Paul Eddington
Lieutenant at Outpost
Unknown 4821
(director's cameo?)
Unknown 4821
Cafe Waiter
Anthony Bate
Guard Who Gets Knocked Out
Victor Croxford
German Soldier
(not 100% sure)
Ernst Walder
German Soldier
Philip Johns
German Soldier at Concert
Otto Friese
German Soldier at Concert
Jimmy Lodge
German Soldier at Concert
Len Llewellyn
German Soldier at Concert
Harry Landis
German Soldier From Sheffield
Stanley Zevic
Russian Commissar
Jim Brady
Man in Brothel
Nigel Davenport
Army Officer
Ivor Salter

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