Doctor X


Michael Curtiz
First National Pictures

Old dark houses and mad doctors - what more do you want? OK, you can have two strip technicolor as well. Dated, obviously, but good fun.

-The Sloth

It is very important to note that, due to disputes between Warner and Technicolor, this film was filmed twice, once in Technicolor and once in B&W with different cinematographers. Regardless of Wikipedia's claims that "most takes are the same," this is not the case, and they should really be considered two separate films. Also Wikipedia should not be regarded as a very authorative source, but that's another story. . .Ironically, the Technicolor version is the one usually encountered today, while the B&W version is difficult (though not impossible) to find.

-Dave W.

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Doctor X
27th August 1932

76 mins

Hollywood's Legends of Horror
3rd October 2006


Lionel Atwill
Dr. Jerry Xavier
Fay Wray
Joanne Xavier
Lee Tracy
Lee Taylor
Preston Foster
Dr. Wells
John Wray
Dr. Haines
Harry Beresford
Dr Duke
Arthur Edmund Carewe
Dr Rowitz
Leila Bennett
Mamie, Xavier's maid
Robert Warwick
Police Commissioner Stevens
George Rosener
Otto, Dr X's Butler
Willard Robertson
Detective O'Halloran
Thomas E. Jackson
Daily World Editor
(as Thomas Jackson)
Harry Holman
Mike, Waterfront Policeman
Mae Busch
Cathouse Madame
Tom Dugan
The Sheriff
Raoul Freeman
Morgue Detective
Selmer Jackson
Willard Keefe, Night Editor
Charles McMurphy
Detective at Headquarters
Ky Robinson
Morgue Detective