The House of the Seven Gables


Joe May
Universal Pictures

A heritage of greed, lies and hatred consumes an old family of Massachusetts snobs for generations before finally leading to happiness.

Adaptation of the Hawthorne novel certainly won't win the accolades of any literary purists, but is still a quite fine film on its own terms. Sanders and Price are great, but the standout is Lindsay, who deserved an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a charming young women's descent into bitter spinsterhood. Interesting to note Price already has the underpinnings here of his future horror career.

-Dave W.

12th April 1940

89 mins

24th December 2012

89 mins

George Sanders
Jaffrey Pyncheon
Margaret Lindsay
Hepzibah Pyncheon
Vincent Price
Clifford Pyncheon
Dick Foran
Matthew Maule / Holgrave
Nan Grey
Phoebe Pyncheon
Cecil Kellaway
Philip Barton
Alan Napier
Mr. Fuller
Gilbert Emery
Gerald Pyncheon
Miles Mander
Deacon Arnold Foster
Charles Trowbridge
P. J. Kelly
Man with Rake
Mira McKinney
Mrs. Reynolds
Jaffrey's Lawyer
Doctor Willett
Nelson McDowell
Coroner (uncredited)
Robert Dudley
Jury Foreman
Lon Poff
Juror (uncredited)
Thomas Pogue
Juror (uncredited)
Russ Powell
Grocer / Juror
Allen D. Sewall
Juror (uncredited)
Ann Kunde
Courtroom Spectator
Claire Whitney
Witness (uncredited)
Colin Kenny
Court Bailiff
Kernan Cripps
Workman (uncredited)
Jack C. Smith
Prison Guard
Harry Woods
Mr. Wainwright
Harry Cording
Mr. Hawkins
Hugh Sothern
Reverend Jeremiah Smith
Michael Mark
Ex-Convict Reading Tribune
Ellis Irving
Man in Pub
Harry Stubbs
Jeremiah - Man in Pub
Edgar Norton
Phineas Weed
Sibyl Harris
Mrs. Foster
Hal Budlong
Driver (uncredited)
Caroline Cooke
Town Gossip
Martin Faust
Town Gossip
Margaret Fealy
Town Gossip
Jane Loofbourrow
Town Gossip
Murdock MacQuarrie
Town Gossip

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