In The Line Of Fire


Wolfgang Petersen

Clint is a secret service agent whose conscience has gotten the better of him over the years after he failed to save the life of President JFK. Haunted by that memory, he vows never to let it happen again - that is until a new challenge presents itsself: an assassin (Malkovich) who threatens to kill the current President of the United States. Great film.
A rare occasion where Eastwood not only didn't direct the movie but also filmed it with an outside company. (Frequently his movies were with Warner Bros.)
The brief scene where Malkovich assaults the two women in their home was uncut on the original VHS edition of the film, cut out of the DVD version, but later restored for the Blu-Ray release.

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9th July 1993

128 mins

27th August 1993

In The Line Of Fire (Movie-Only Edition)
29th April 1997


In The Line Of Fire (Special Edition)
27th February 2001


3rd July 2016

Clint Eastwood
Frank Horrigan
John Malkovich
Mitch Leary
Rene Russo
Lilly Raines
Dylan McDermott
Al D'Andrea
Gary Cole
Bill Watts
Fred Dalton Thompson
White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent
John Mahoney
Sam Campagna
Tobin Bell
Patrika Darbo
Pam Magnus
John Heard
Professor Riger
Steve Hytner
FBI Agent Tony Carducci
Clyde Kusatsu
FBI Agent Jack Okura
Steve Railsback
CIA Agent David Coppinger
Elsa Raven
Booth's Landlady
Robert Sandoval
Robert Stermer, bellboy
Mary Van Arsdel
Gregory Alan Williams
Secret Service Agent Matt Wilder
Cylk Cozart
Agent Cozart
Anthony Peck
FBI Official
The White House
The White House

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