Moonlight Becomes You...

Saturday, 8th November 1986

Series 1, Episode 9

An elderly gentleman is taken ill and transported to Holby but his friends at the nursing home feel he shouldn't be alone so they commandeer a company vehicle and make their way to the hospital. Shotly after, Kuba somehow manages to lose the patient whilst in the process of wheeling him to a new ward; and a man ends up on A&E boasting he suffered an injury whilst practicing judo turns out to be in discomfort due to something rather embarrassing!

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Bernard Gallagher
Ewart Plimmer
Derek Thompson
Charlie Fairhead
Brenda Fricker
Megan Roach
Julia Watson
Barbara 'Baz' Samuels
George Harris
Clive King
Christopher Rozycki
Kuba Trzcinski
Debbie Roza
Susie Mercier
Catherine Shipton
Lisa 'Duffy' Duffin
Robert Pugh
Andrew Ponting
Lisa Bowerman
Sandra Mute
Charles Lamb
John Bloomfield
Wally Thomas
Michael Bilton
Arthur Coombs
Eric Francis
Perry Fenwick
Marvin Osborne
Victoria Hasted
Gilliam Plimmer
Colin Fisher
Sergeant Brenner
Michael Gardiner
Brian Osborne
Ambulance Man
June Marlow
Lloyd Bevan
Small Boy

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