All Creatures Great and Small
A Dog's Life

Saturday, 16th December 1978
 7:40 pm BBC1

Helen is back from her Aunt's funeral and finds she must join the queue behind animals and then Siegfried for James' attention.

Saturday, 16th December 1978BBC11940All Creatures Great and SmallA Dog's Life

Christopher Timothy
James Herriot
Robert Hardy
Siegfried Farnon
Peter Davison
Tristan Farnon
Carol Drinkwater
Mary Hignett
Mrs. Hall
Wilfrid Brambell
Dinsdale's Brother
Patsy Byrne
Mrs. Hammond
Timothy Bateson
Mr. Beckwith
Mary Wimbush
Mrs. Allenby
Dickie Arnold
Mr. Kendall
Norman Shelley
Major Bullen
Alan Starkey
Mr. Dinsdale
John Biggerstaff
Mr. Fairburn
Jane Beaumont
D. Geoff Tomlinson
Man in Car
Andrew Rowley
David Blundell
A Dog
Pharaoh, Magnus & Rock