...and Found

Wednesday, 19th October 2005
 9:00 pm ABC

Bad Robot
Production Company
Touchstone Television
Production Company

Series 2, Episode 5

When Sun loses her wedding ring on the beach, the flashbacks reveal a bit more depth to her life before the flight, and with future husband Jin working as a doorman to a posh hotel where she is dining. Back in the jungle, Mr. Eko takes Jin in search of the beach.
A rather dull episode does have a happy ending.

Wednesday, 19th October 2005ABC2100Lost...and Found

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Mr. Eko
Emilie de Ravin
Claire Littleton
Matthew Fox
Dr. Jack Sheppard
Jorge Garcia
Josh Holloway
Daniel Dae Kim
Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim
Sun Kwon
Evangeline Lilly
Kate Austen
Terry O'Quinn
John Locke
Harold Perrineau
Michael Dawson
Michelle Rodriguez
Ana-Lucia Cortez
Cynthia Watros
Sam Anderson
Bernard Nadler
Tony Lee
Jae Lee
June Kyoto Lu
Mrs. Paik
Kimberley Joseph
Cindy Chandler
Rain Chung
Mr. Kim
Kim Kim
Mrs. Shin
Robert Dahey
Poor Man
Josiah D. Lee
Tai Soo
Tomiko Lee
Mrs. Lee

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